Nexon Social Contribution Vision Announcement Press Conference

Published : Monday, December 24, 2018, 10:33 pm
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On February 27, 2018, Nexon held a press conference to announce its social contribution vision at its Pangyo building in Seongnam, Gyeonggi-do. The conference was prepared to introduce Nexon's vision of establishing the Nexon Foundation for social contribution activities and what kind of new social contribution activities will be carried out. The officials including Jung-heon Lee, CEO of Nexon Korea, and Jung-wook Kim, chief director of Nexon Foundation, attended the event.

Jung-heon Lee said, “Nexon has been growing with a lot of love from users and has been carrying out a variety of social contribution activities in return for the gratitude. In the future, we will set up a foundation for social contribution business and present our vision for social contribution. I would like a lot of attention.”

▲ Nexon’s press conference on announcing social contribution vision was held.

According to the announcement, Nexon Foundation, which includes major companies that compose Nexon Company such as NXC and Nexon Korea, was approved by Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism in January to establish a nonprofit foundation. Nexon Foundation's slogan is 'From a C‧H‧I‧L‧D (Creativity, Health, IT, Learning, Dream)’, which has a meaning of helping children and youths from various regions, both domestic and foreign, have brighter dreams. Under this vision, Nexon Foundation will identify and promote a variety of new projects targeting children and youths.

The first new social contribution project of Nexon Foundation is ‘establishment of the 2nd children’s rehabilitation hospital'. Currently, there are only four hospitals providing professional rehabilitation services while about 300,000 children and youths under 19 in Korea need rehabilitation. In particular, the number of integrated children’s rehabilitation hospitals that support long-term self-support for disabled children is absolutely insufficient.

Therefore, Nexon Foundation plans to build the 2nd children’s rehabilitation hospital outside Seoul to improve the situation and actively respond to the lack of domestic children's rehabilitation demand, and will start construction work as early as this year. Also, after the establishment, it will continue to donate the operation fund to help the children who need rehabilitation treatment to stably provide high-quality medical services.

Moreover, Nexon Foundation promotes global social contribution projects centering on brick donations. Since last year, Nexon Company has donated bricks to provide creative play culture to children in under-developed countries such as Myanmar, Nepal, and Cambodia. In order to develop more professional global social contribution activities based on a brick, the foundation 'Soho Impact' was also established. Soho Impact will cooperate with Nexon Foundation in the future to develop various activities such as brick donations and brick-based educational program supports for both domestic and foreign children.

▲ The slogan of Nexon Foundation was announced as 'from a C‧H‧I‧L‧D'.

Besides, Nexon Foundation will strengthen the existing social contribution projects that Nexon Company has been promoting. First, it will consistently expand domestic and foreign ‘Nexon Small Bookstore’. Also, it will expand the scale of Nexon Youth Programming Challenge (NYPC) and strengthen the mentoring programs for participants to develop as a leading coding platform for youths.

Jung-wook Kim, Chief Director of Nexon Foundation said, “We will continue to operate Nexon Foundation meaningfully based on our accumulated experience through developing various social contribution projects. We will actively promote social contribution projects that promote the health and creativity of children and youths, and strengthen social responsibilities and communications.”

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