Boeing Commercial Airplanes and Market Outlook Press Conference

Published : Friday, December 28, 2018, 10:06 pm
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Boeing held a press conference on its commercial airplanes and market outlook on March 16, 2018, at Conrad Seoul Hotel. At the conference, Darren Hurst, Boeing's marketing manager of the commercial airplane in Northeast Asia region, made the presentation on Boeing's flagship airplanes aiming at low-cost carrier (LCC) market, which is rapidly growing, and the next-generation business.

▲ Darren Hurst, Boeing's marketing manager of the commercial airplane in Northeast Asia region

The explosive growth of the low-cost carrier market has drawn a massive growth in demand for single-aisle airplanes, which are mainly operated. At the end of 2017, the aircraft 737 recorded the order of 4668 units, which far exceeds orders of 747 (12 units), 767 units (98 units), 777 units (428 units) and 787 units (658 units).

Boeing is optimistic that the growth will continue in 2018. In particular, around 500 units of 737-800/MAX model will be supplied in 2017, contributing to meeting the worldwide demand, which is expected to lead to the more solid demand this year, when the supply of MAX model is started in earnest.

▲ 737 MAX is Boeing's cash cow that stands out the most in LCC market.

The news related to 737 MAX series, including 737 MAX 10 model which design was completed on February 6 and 737 MAX 9 model that received FAA certification on February 16, as well as 737 MAX 7 model released on February 5, had set the aviation industry on fire during last February.

737 MAX is a global bestseller with the order of 4307 units from 93 client companies and is already becoming a familiar name for airline customers. In particular, it is able to handle more than 4800 km of roads based on state-of-the-art technology and is also taking the role of a catalyst for single-passenger aircraft to take control of intercontinental aviation demand. And, this became possible by realizing all three in terms of its use: high fuel efficiency, reduction of maintenance cost, and an increase of operation rate.

Boeing has a plan to link the success of 737 MAX to the success of 787 model. This is because the demand for 787 models, which can naturally improve maintenance and operation know-how, will continue as LCC airlines expand their business with the success of the business and large-scale passenger transportation. Hereupon, by comparing with the competitors of Airbus, Boeing was keen to inform Korean airlines of the superiority of its 787.

▲ The competitor of 787 series might be A350 series.

▲ The 777X series is also a representative example of Boeing's leadership in the aviation market.

Based on its success on 737 and 787, Boeing is also confident of the commercial success of 777X series. The 777X series, which has a large-scale transportation capability and state-of-the-art technology, enables the longest distance operation with two large engines containing the technical force of the aviation industry. It is advertised with its 12% higher energy efficiency and 10% cheaper cost than the competitor, A350.

Among 777 series, 777-300ER and 777X models are the main models. Boeing currently compares them with A350-1000, which is well-known as Boeing’s cash cow in terms of the order quantity. 777X is now the successor to 747 series, which has now been discontinued, and has received industry-wide comments as a lineup specialized for large-scale passenger transport and cargo transport.

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