Regent Taipei Launches World's First "Photography Butler" Service

Published : Thursday, January 3, 2019, 12:48 pm
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Industry-leading service will enhance guest experience, underscoring hotel's aim to continue innovation, elevate customer satisfaction, and drive digital marketing

TAIPEI, Taiwan, Jan. 3, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Regent Taipei launches the world's first "Photography Butler" service - professional and passionate "Photobutlers" will accompany Regent Taipei room guests to popular Instagram check-in spots in the hotel, tourists attractions and insider photo locations across the city and take memorable photos for guests. The photo locations are researched popular Instagram spots while the "Photobutlers" are trained and like-minded Regent Taipei colleagues.

Regent Taipei Launched World’s First
Regent Taipei Launched World’s First "Photography Butler" Service

The service accommodates the rise of ubiquitous mobile phone usage and better serves guests' social media habits. Travelers in Taipei who are unfamiliar with the city will be able to fully enter exploration mode with insider tips; conveniently, there will be no need for selfie-sticks or handing phones to strangers for photo-taking. However, the service not only captures beautiful memories for room guests, but also directly encourages social media posting, thereby enhancing Regent Taipei's social media and digital marketing.

Regent Taipei Managing Director Simon Wu states, "Enhancing guest satisfaction and driving digital engagement are continuous goals for us. Following the increase in FIT customers and the inseparable relationship between photography, social media and travel, the services we provide must also reflect these trends -- hence the birth of the Photobutler service."

Regent has been the game changer in the luxury hotel industry since the 1970s, and the first to introduce the 5-fixture bathroom, in-room check-in, the all villa resort, and the mixed-use hotel development. Following Regent Taipei's introduction of British private butler training system, Wedding Butler and Shopping Butler, the new industry-leading "Photography Butler" service continues the brand DNA of innovation and guest-centric values.

Alex, Regent Taipei's Chief Concierge, Taiwan's Golden Key society president and Regent Taipei employee photography club president said: "We are excited to share insider knowledge of the city and our photography expertise. By providing the Photography Butler service, surpassing the industry standard, we were already able to secure a major client's return stay due to enhanced customer satisfaction." The "Photography Butler" service is available now and must be reserved in advance. Currently, photo location options include more than 30 insider Instagram-worthy spots within Regent Taipei; scenic locations nearby the hotel will be available in the following phase. Routes and itineraries may be customized based on time available, season and number of people in the guest party.

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