Park Hyatt Busan's LUMI SPA Presents a "Winter Special Package"

Published : Thursday, January 3, 2019, 4:20 pm
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Park Hyatt Busan's Lumi Spa presents a "Winter Special Package," which is specialized for moisturizing and soothing skin that has been damaged by severe cold weather, continuous fine dust, and rapid indoor and outdoor temperature fluctuations.

The "Winter Special Package" is a 90-minute spa treatment program consisting of 50 minutes of body massage and 40 minutes of facial massage. First comes the body massage, which activates the winter respiratory system and immune system with eucalyptus oil and uses organic body oil blends with ginger extract to promote blood circulation and energize the tired body. Guests can select either the “Organic Aromatics,” “Lumi Light” or “Rebalance” program.

Lastly, the facial treatment uses a caviar product that contains an excellent restorative for skin regeneration and aging prevention. The “Cell Vital Ample” then accelerates cell regeneration and antioxidant function, and the “Spirulina Mask” gives nourishing nutrition from protein and vitamins to nourish the skin with sufficient water and nutrients deep inside the skin.

The “Winter Special Package” is available until 28 February from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM with advance reservations. It is priced at KRW 209,000 on Monday through Thursday and at KRW 242,000 on Friday through Sunday (all prices include tax).

For information or reservations, please call +82 51 990 1440.

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