Busan International Film Festival (BIFF) Announces New Deputy Director and Organization Restructuring

Published : Monday, January 7, 2019, 5:25 pm
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Kim Bokkeun, new deputy director of Busan International Film Festival

Busan International Film Festival has announced to fill a position which remained vacant since the late Deputy Director and Program Director Kim Jiseok passed away in 2017.

Kim Bokkeun, a former head of CAC Entertainment film department and a film producer has been appointed as the new deputy director.

Kim has produced 15 works of TV dramas and films which includes Art Museum By The Zoo, Interview, Whispering Corridors 5, He’s on Duty, Almost Che. Based on his long term work experience in filming, Kim will be in the forefront of reinforcing the festival organization’s administration, HR and structure.

Other changes have been made along with the appointment of deputy director. Nam Dong-chul, Korean cinema programmer of Busan International Film Festival will serve as the new program director. Nam joined the Busan International Film Festival since 2009 as the head manager of Asian Film Market, after serving as the editor in chief of Cine21, which is a film magazine in South Korea. Nam will take the lead to derive change and improve the festival’s programming system according to many years of experience in the industry and programming field.

Also, Moon Hyunjung has been appointed as the new general manager of the festival office. Moon’s various work experience at the Busan International Film Festival started in 2008 as public relations manager followed by marketing manager and program manager. She will undertake the household of festival office by actively interacting with the staffs.

- Laying the foundation for the festival’s future plan with efficiency and interaction of the organization

By restructuring process, the Busan International Film Festival aims for higher efficiency in order to lay the foundation for future planning to adapt the changing environment of the market.

On January 2 festival office visited BIFF square in Nampo-dong, the originate of the Busan International Film Festival, for the new year kickoff meeting. Festival Chairman Lee Yong-kwan, Festival Director Jay Jeon, newly appointed Deputy Director Kim Bokkeun and office staffs made a resolution to improve the Busan International Film Festival as a film festival for the whole.

The 24th Busan International Film Festival will be held from October 3, 2019 to October 12, 2019

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