Review – [Jekyll and Hyde] Return of the King! There Is No Such Word as “Disappointment” in Seung Woo Jo, Jo-Jekyll’s Dictionary

Published : Monday, January 14, 2019, 11:20 am
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It has been four years.

It took a full four years for Seung Woo Jo to return to ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ as Jo-Jekyll. I can assure there wouldn’t have been any musical fans who did not miss Seung Woo Jo’s comeback. The musical ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ is a masterpiece of masterpieces that surpassed the cumulative audience of 1.2 million since its premiere in 2004, and Seung Woo Jo has been with the musical since the premiere. He was awarded the Best Actor Awards at The Musical Awards in 2011 as well as at Korea Musical Awards in 2004. So, Jo-Jekyll in the musical ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ has a symbolism more than just a main character to the actor Jo Seung Woo and also musical fans.

Jo-Jekyll was last seen in 2014 and has not seen at all for the past four years. Even actor Seung Woo Jo was not seen on the musical stage for about two years since ‘Sweeney Todd’ in 2016. The fans thirsted for his appearance on the musical stage. On the other hand, it was worried that we would not be able to see Jo-Jekyll again. Finally, while waiting for him, he came back with his masterpiece ‘Jekyll and Hyde’
On the day of performance, the atmosphere in the theater of the musical ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ was unusual from outside. I have seen a number of musicals so far, but it was the first musical to see the audiences excited from outside the theater. Maybe it’s because everyone was already aware of the importance of this performance. Everyone was filled with anticipation. As it was a great deal of crisis for obtaining a ticket, it was like a gathering of winners from the ticket reservation. However, the inside of the theater was completely different from the outside. I couldn’t find a distracted atmosphere like before the musical began. Everyone was quietly preparing to meet Jekyll and Hyde.

Seung Woo Jo’s return could be explained in one word: perfection. The musical was intense and the numbers were magical. It was 170 minutes hard to breathe. It is not enough to say that I do not know how time passed. I bated my breath all the time since I was worried that even my movements would interfere with me. Everyone was the same. All the audience focused solely on them.

Only Jekyll and Hyde existed in the venue. Every time was filled with them until the moment when the stage ended. I couldn’t have any intention of wondering how the musical will develop in the future. I couldn’t even spare one moment. I hesitated to applaud after numbers since I was afraid that impressions and resonances will disappear. So we became one with Jo-Jekyll.

Now, ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ ran one-third of the show. For many, Jo-Jekyll’s performance is a veil itself. There will be many questions; how will Jo-Jekyll’s stage differ? And how has Jo-Jekyll been changed from 14 years ago? I highly recommend you to look forward with more questions. No matter what you expect, there will be no disappointment. More than you imagine.

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