NAVER Successfully Ended ‘CES 2019’ and Well Received for Its Technology Demonstration

Published : Tuesday, January 15, 2019, 12:34 pm
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NAVER Corp. (CEO Seong-sook Han), which participated in CES 2019, the world's largest consumer electronics show held in Las Vegas for four days from January 8th to 11th, was well received by many visitors and ended the event with great success.

- NAVER recorded more than 5,000 visitors, interested in a robot arm and autonomous guide robot.

NAVER / NAVER LABS booth, which demonstrated location and movement-based 'Ambient Intelligence' technologies such as robotics, autonomous driving, and mobility, attracted more than 5,000 visitors over four days.

The booth was designed as an opened outdoor booth that anyone can freely access, so the number of visitors was not counted separately. However, the fact that 5,000 eco bags provided as souvenirs were exhausted explains that the number of the actual visitors exceeded 5,000.

In particular, during demonstrations of AMBIDEX, the world's first 5G brainless robot, and AROUND G, the indoor autonomous guide robot, a lot of visitors were crowded and the entrance was controlled for safety for a while.

Seong-sook Han, CEO of NAVER, visited the booth as soon as it was opened on 8th. She said, “The movements of AMBIDEX and AROUND G are getting more natural day by day. Although it is the first technology in the world, it works stably and shows highly technical perfection.”

“Although the names of companies that had been discussed cannot be revealed, concrete and actual cooperation discussions were held by meeting with officials of the leading global companies at the field, which was different from online cooperation conducted with documents. In the future, the exhibition will be held wherever there is an opportunity to showcase the technology for global cooperation.”- Sang-ok Seok, Head of NAVER LABS, said.

- NAVER strengthened cooperation with global technology companies.

NAVER LABS, which won the 'CES Innovation Award' for a total of four products, such as the mobile mapping system 'R1', received favorable reviews by a panel of judges, including engineers and designers, received interest from the companies that visited booths such as Intel, NVIDIA, Qualcomm, P&G, LG Electronics, LG Uplus, and S.M. Entertainment. NAVER LABS had also agreed with LG Electronics to conduct joint research on robot technology during CES.

NAVER, which collaborates with global technology companies such as a digital wireless communications technologies company ‘Qualcomm’, a high-precision mapping and location services company ‘HERE’, and a location-based services company ‘Foursquare’, was given the opportunity to raise awareness and create various partnerships in the overseas stage with this event.

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