GM Employee Foundation Korea Donates Chevrolet Trailblazers to Support Local Youth

Published : Wednesday, March 13, 2024, 1:07 pm
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SEOUL – The GM Employee Foundation Korea (Employee Foundation) hosted a vehicle donation ceremony today at the Exhibition Hall of GM’s Korean Operations headquarters in Bupyeong. The employee foundation donated five Chevrolet Trailblazers to youth aid centers in the Incheon area to help empower the future of local young people.

The donation aims to support the safe and sound development of young individuals who are detached from public school education within the community. The donated vehicles will assist a range of programs, including career consultation and outdoor activities, at youth aid centers. This will contribute to social adaptation and enhance the physical and psychological health of those impacted.

Attendees at the donation ceremony included Hector Villarreal, president and CEO of GM’s Korean Operations; Brian McMurray, president of GM’s Korean Engineering Center; Myongok Yoon, Chief of secretary general of the Employee Foundation; and Sangbeom Cho, head of the Incheon Community Chest of Korea.

At the ceremony, Hector Villarreal said, “I am pleased that the teenagers who for diverse reason are disadvantaged and might struggle with integrating and socializing in our community will benefit from the use of our Chevrolet Trailblazer vehicles which are proudly build here in Incheon and which has impressed customers around the globe. As we continue being part of the community here, I am looking forward to the positive impact we are creating in the community with our people and products as we work towards ensuring everyone feel valued and respected.

Brian McMurray expressed his support by saying, “Through this vehicle donation, we hope to support the young people in our community by giving them access to opportunities that might have been difficult otherwise. The Trailblazer is a fantastic car and I look forward to seeing it driven around town and used for a good cause.”

Sangbeom Cho from the Incheon Community Chest of Korea added: “This support is particularly meaningful as we bridge opportunities, taking care and providing various useful experiences for youth who fall outside the boundaries of the public education system. We will continue to strengthen cooperation with the Employee Foundation to identify new possibilities and facilitate equitable development in the region.”

The Trailblazer, Chevrolet’s compact SUV has achieved impressive success worldwide. With its spacious cabin, outstanding fuel efficiency and versatility, it is expected to play a crucial support role for the youth aid centers, not only for frequent travel in urban areas but also engaging youth in outdoor activities.

With this donation, the Employee Foundation has reached a cumulative total of 681 vehicles donated since 2005. Also, it has been conducting various CSR programs, including youth STEM initiatives, education for individuals with transportation handicaps, environmental improvement programs, and self-reliance support for underprivileged communities in the region.

This aligns with GM’s global commitment to promote a culture of diversity and inclusion and its triple zero vision – zero crashes, zero emissions and zero congestion – all of which are fostering compatible growth with local communities. The Employee Foundation plans to continue supporting the regional society and underprivileged communities in various areas in the future.

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