QNAP to Leverage 2ND GEN INTEL XEON SCALABLE PROCESSORS for Data-centric Workflows with Software-defined Network and Storage Solutions

Published : Wednesday, April 3, 2019, 9:17 am
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With the launch of 2nd GENERATION INTEL® XEON® SCALABLE PROCESSORS, QNAP® will soon introduce new products that feature dual processors with higher performance and hardware-enhanced security in its future network and storage solutions to assure agile service delivery for the ever-demanding data-centric workloads.

QNAP not only empowers storage solutions with software-defined services and computing capabilities but also innovates network products to optimize high-speed IT environment for tech-challenged businesses. “The rampant growth of data and demands in network transformation are placing a lot of businesses under pressure to find more compelling solutions that can continue to perform,” said YT Lee, Vice President of QNAP, adding “As a leading computing, networking and storage solution innovator, QNAP is also investing more efforts to develop uCPE (Universal Customer Premise Equipment) solutions, and the integration of the next generation Intel Xeon processors helps upgrade our solutions to the next level for tackling the most demanding workloads: from multi-Cloud to intelligent Edge and back.”

2nd GENERATION INTEL® XEON® SCALABLE PROCESSORs are designed to support an expanding range of existing and emerging data center, and network workloads. QNAP is committed to deliver a new content aware storage solution that optimizes mission-critical streaming tasks and boasts unrivaled performance for the CDN (Content Delivery Network), and co-work with IEI® to deliver powerful NFVi (Network Function Virtualization Infrastructure) for the increasingly complex network. Both companies will provide industrial strength means of resolving challenges in data-centric era by implementing Intel Xeon Scalable platforms that feature higher performance and breakthrough memory technology. These two solution configurations will be submitted for verification as Intel® Select Solutions for Visual Cloud Delivery Network and NFVI respectively.

QNAP continues to develop more software-defined storage and network solutions to swap out single-purpose hardware for variable applications, while Intel’s cutting-edge solutions provide absolute performance and features to back QNAP products into the future.

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