Tokyo Game Show 2024 This Year’s Main Visual Unveiled

Published : Friday, May 17, 2024, 12:47 pm
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The Computer Entertainment Supplier’s Association (CESA, Chairperson: Haruhiro Tsujimoto) has unveiled the main visual for TOKYO GAME SHOW 2024 (TGS2024), which will be held jointly with Nikkei Business Publications, Inc. and DENTSU, Inc.

The TGS2024 main visual work expresses this year’s theme, “Trailblaze the World with Gaming.” Illustrator Kukka created the work for TGS for five consecutive years. The main visual will appear in various scenes as the symbol of TGS2024. Please look forward to it!

■TGS2024 Exhibitor Application Deadline is Approaching! <May 24 (Fri.)>

Please note that the deadline for exhibitor applications for TGS2024 is May 24 (Fri.) This year, TGS has updated the exhibition venue layout by decentralizing large-scale booths to maximize and optimize the number of available booths for more companies to participate.

In addition, many journalists and influencers from Japan and abroad will be attending the event, making this a great opportunity to showcase your products to a global audience.

For more information, please visit the official TGS2024 website and check out the exhibit guide.

●Official Website:
●Exhibit Guide:

■The Deadline for the First Round of Exhibitor Applications for

TOKYO GAME SHOW Digital World Approaching! <May 24 (Fri.)>

The "TOKYO GAME SHOW VR" event has been renamed to "TOKYO GAME SHOW Digital World". The event will be held virtually for 17 days starting from September 20 (Fri.). This year's virtual exhibition will last longer than last year's event and will offer a variety of original programs and fun projects that can be enjoyed on computers, smartphones, and VR devices.

●Exhibitor and Sponsorship Programs for TOKYO GAME SHOW Digital World:

■Applications for Advertising and Sponsorship Programs Will Also Close Soon TGS2024

offers various advertising and sponsorship programs, as well as exhibition opportunities. Please check the information below, as deadlines vary by program.

●Guide to “Official Exhibitor Program” <Application deadline: May 24 (Fri.)>

●Guide to “Creator Lounge Sponsorship” <Application deadline: May 24 (Fri.)>

●Guide to other “Advertising and Sponsorship” programs
<Application deadline: June 10 (Mon.)>

●Guide to “TGS Forum Sponsorship Session” <Application deadline: June 21 (Fri.)>

●Guide to Advertising on TGS Official Guidebook “TGS NOW!”
<Application deadline: July 26 (Fri.)>

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