State Grid Laiyang City Power Supply Company: Bringing Quality Service to the Fields, Ensuring Reliable Electricity for Irrigation

Published : Tuesday, May 21, 2024, 5:12 pm

LAIYANG, China, May 21, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- On May 20, the State Grid Laiyang City Power Supply Company dispatched its staff to Zhaowangzhuang Village. They distributed convenience cards to villagers tending to their pear orchards, assessed their electricity needs for irrigation, and swiftly addressed any complex issues related to their electricity usage, ensuring reliable power support for their irrigation needs.

In Laiyang City of Yantai, Shandong Province, the cultivation of Autumn Moon pears has become a significant income source for local farmers. With the expansion of pear orchard cultivation, the regional power load has seen substantial growth. Proactively, the State Grid Laiyang City Power Supply Company collaborates closely with village committees and farmers to gauge the actual electricity demands for irrigation, refine power supply measures, and enhance service capabilities to support rural development and the revitalization of the countryside.

To robustly secure electricity for local farmers' irrigation needs, the State Grid Yantai Power Supply Company has comprehensively inspected the operation of power supply facilities. It has established 126 irrigation power supply service teams, leveraging a "grid management" model to assign specific managers to designated service areas. Utilizing drones and visual devices, these teams conduct thorough and multi-dimensional inspections. They enhance the monitoring of power load in irrigation facilities, make timely adjustments to transformers and load settings to prevent severe overloads, low voltage, and unbalanced three-phase power. The company optimizes the allocation of repair resources, stocks essential items like cables and circuit breakers, pre-positions large repair materials, and adheres to the principle of "restore power first, then repair" to swiftly address and rectify faults. An "emergency green channel" for irrigation electricity has been opened to launch an emergency service mechanism, accelerating the processing of electricity applications and capacity increases, streamlining procedures, and prioritizing farmers' irrigation electricity needs with special treatment.

To date, the State Grid Yantai Power Supply Company has inspected and patrolled 1,591 agricultural drainage lines and 18,555 agricultural transformer areas individually. They have also conducted infrared thermography and ultrasonic partial discharge live testing, eliminating a total of 356 defects and hidden dangers, proactively handled 56 cases of severe overload in transformer areas, refurbished more than 120 kilometers of low-voltage lines, and resolved 275 electricity-related issues. The company continues its diligent efforts in securing electricity supply for irrigation, deepening its services to ensure increased agricultural production and income for farmers.

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