Creating Excellent Tianli Education, Achieve the Happy Life for Teachers and Students

Published : Tuesday, May 21, 2024, 5:25 pm

HONG KONG, May 21, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Recently, the Jilin-Sichuan Entrepreneur Symposium was held in Chengdu, where leaders from the Jilin Provincial Party Committee, Provincial Government, and other organizations had in-depth discussions with well-known entrepreneurs from Sichuan, extending sincere invitations to them to invest and promote comprehensive revitalization in Jilin. At the symposium, over 100 entrepreneurs from both provinces gathered, including Luo Shi, the Chairman and President of Tianli Education Group. The entrepreneurs from both provinces engaged in lively discussions focused on their respective advantages, seeking opportunities for win-win cooperation. Mr. Luo Shi engaged in a dialogue with the leaders of Jilin Province regarding Tianli's investment in establishing schools in Jilin and promoting the high-quality development of basic education.

Currently, nearly 60 well-crafted Tianli schools have been widely distributed across China, providing quality services to over 100,000 enrolled students.

The development vision of Tianli Education is: Creating Excellent Tianli Education, Achieve the Happy Life for Teachers and Students. Tianli Education aims to transform each school into a modern, high-quality international school that integrates advanced educational concepts, gathers top educational talents from across the country and even the world, boasts beautiful campus buildings, and fully utilizes advanced educational and teaching technologies. It aims to cultivate more outstanding students who are physically fit, morally upright, academically accomplished, and possess both patriotism and a global perspective, enabling them to achieve happiness in the present and a fulfilling life in the future. In the process of its growth and development, Tianli Education also provides teachers with more substantial material and spiritual rewards as well as growth opportunities, enabling them to grow and live happily as Tianli's companions.

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