Snail Inc's ARK: Survival Ascended Leads the Market with Premium Mods for Console, Opening New Revenue Streams

Published : Thursday, May 23, 2024, 8:00 pm

The launch of premium mods on console expands monetization opportunities for modders and indicates an exponential growth opportunity for the ARK Universe

CULVER CITY, Calif., May 23, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Snail, Inc. (Nasdaq: SNAL) ("Snail" or "the Company"), a leading, global independent developer and publisher of interactive digital entertainment, is excited to announce that ARK: Survival Ascended is the first game to launch premium UE5 generated mods on console. This significant update marks an expansion of the ARK Universe, introducing new opportunities for professional modders to monetize their work while enhancing the gaming experience for ARK players.

Following the successful launch of Bellwright on Steam Early Access, Snail, Inc. continues to demonstrate its commitment to captivating new players while adding value for its current fanbase. ARK: Survival Ascended's premium mods on console, provides new avenues for players and creators alike to engage with the ARK Universe.

The addition of premium mods on consoles represents a strategic move by Snail and its partners Overwolf to support and invest in the thriving modding community in a new way. ARK: Survival Ascended is the first game to empower modders with the ability to leverage professional tools, such as Unreal Engine 5, to create high quality premium mods. ARK: Survival Ascended's revenue-sharing model, offers creators an industry-leading 50% share of revenue generated. By providing modders with the opportunity to monetize their work, the company fosters innovation and creativity within the ARK Universe.

Snail's commitment to expanding the game's ecosystem and generating new revenue streams is highlighted by the never before seen introduction of professionally created mods to console. Modders' ability to easily create and monetize user-generated content on console opens up numerous opportunities for ASA's growth and development. Console players can now experience a more dynamic and engaging game, benefiting from the creativity and ingenuity of the modding community. Premium mods bring a diverse range of exciting new content to ARK: Survival Ascended.

"Snail, Inc. is proud to offer modders more platforms to showcase their talents and reap the rewards of their creativity," said Peter Kang, Snail Inc. COO. "The launch of premium mods on consoles opens up a world of opportunities for the ARK community, enriching the game and supporting the long-term growth of ARK: Survival Ascended."

For more information, visit Snail Games.

Premium Mods Now Available on Console:

Svartalfheim Premium
Gaia: Potions Plus
Reverence Premium Early Access
Survive the Night
Omega Ascended
Sky Islands

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Snail is a leading, global independent developer and publisher of interactive digital entertainment for consumers around the world, with a premier portfolio of premium games designed for use on a variety of platforms, including consoles, PCs and mobile devices.

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