TORRAS Partners with Dallas Mavericks for NBA Finals, Advocating Brand Spirit of 'Be Here Now'

Published : Friday, June 7, 2024, 9:30 pm

DALLAS, June 7, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- The Dallas Mavericks are on their way to their best season in over a decade, and they are doing it in a way that matches the Mavericks' reputation for being unique, distinctive, creative, and having the best fans. To further strengthen the partnership, TORRAS, as one of the sponsors of the Dallas Mavericks, has pledged to donate 50% of sales revenue during the NBA Finals to charitable organizations that support sports development.

The "Be Here Now, Hoop for Ballers" Campaign

Torras is an innovative brand whose mission is to "Shatter the Ordinary" and carve out their own original path, free from the imitators. In a market filled with copycat and easily breakable phone cases, Torras has now been awarded 1,300 patents and has received multiple prestigious international design awards.

They are also ahead of the pack with their unique COOLiFY line of personal air conditioners, the first of their kind. The Mavericks were so impressed with the COOLiFY that they purchased a large number of COOLiFYs from Torras to provide comfort and convenience for their players and staff on their travels.

Now, TORRAS has entered into a strategic partnership with the Dallas Mavericks for the NBA Finals. The collaboration is centered around the "Be Here Now, Hoop for Ballers" campaign, which aims to inspire people to immerse themselves in the present moment and find a better self through sports.

What will happen on June 14

The highlight of the collaboration will be TORRAS's on-site giveaway during the crucial fourth game of the NBA Finals on June 14, when the Mavericks host their opponents at Dallas. Fans attending the game will have a chance to win TORRAS and Mavericks-branded merchandise, providing an exciting fan experience and deepening the connection between the brand and the local community.

What will happen during the NBA Finals

As another part of the partnership, TORRAS will launch a special membership plan on its official website. During the NBA Finals, users who place orders on the website will become TF Buddies. Additionally, these supporters will enjoy a year-long 20% discount on all TORRAS products and exclusive access to Mavericks-themed merchandise on specified member days.

"We are thrilled to partner with the Dallas Mavericks for the NBA Finals," said Charley Deng, the marketing director from TORRAS. "We look forward to seeing everyone come together and cheer for the Mavericks as they strive for the championship."

The "Be Here Now, Hoop for Ballers" campaign marks a new chapter in TORRAS's commitment to supporting sports. Through this partnership, TORRAS hopes to inspire fans to immerse themselves in the present moment and believe in another possibility.


Founded in 2012, TORRAS is an innovative brand with a brand mission of "Shatter the Ordinary." They now have obtained more than 1,300 patents thus far, with 60 of its products winning prestigious international design awards. For more information, please contact Ashley Hu, the PR manager from TORRAS.

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