Porsche Korea Unveils the All-electric Performance SUV, the New All-electric Macan

Published : Wednesday, June 26, 2024, 9:10 am
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Porsche Korea (CEO Holger Gerrmann) has unveiled the brand's first all-electric SUV, the new all-electric Macan, for the first time in Korea at the domestic media preview event held at ‘Porsche Studio Songpa’ from June 24th to 25th.

Porsche Korea CEO Holger Gerrmann stated, “We are excited to have this preview of the Macan presenting its evolution into an all-electric performance SUV.” He also added, “Expected to be launched this year in Korea, the new all-electric Macan will be a gamechanger that combines characteristic Porsche sportscar handling, progressive yet timeless spacious design, long-distance range and high everyday usability.

In 2019, Porsche heralded the era of electrification with its first all-electric sports car, the Taycan. Now, Porsche strengthens its electrification portfolio with the introduction of the new all-electric Macan, the brand’s second all-electric vehicle equipped with an electric powertrain. The new Macan has evolved into a completely new level with innovative E-Performance, Porsche Driver Experience, and impressive design.

At this event, which also included a technical workshop, the Macan 4 and Macan Turbo were showcased. The workshop provided explanations on the newest Premium Platform Electric (PPE) with an 800V high-voltage architecture, Porsche's unique E-Performance, sporty body proportions, and aerodynamic technology for an extended driving range.

The all-electric Macan offers top-class E-Performance. In combination with Launch Control, the Macan 4 produces up to 300 kW (408 PS) of overboost power, while the Macan Turbo boasts up to 470 kW (639 PS). The maximum torque is 66.3kg·m and 115.2kg·m, respectively. The Macan 4 accelerates from a standstill to 100 km/h in 5.2 seconds, while the Macan Turbo takes just 3.3 seconds. The two models achieve top speeds of 220 and 260 km/h, respectively.

The electric motors draw their energy from a lithium-ion battery in the underbody, with a gross capacity of 100 kWh, of which up to 95 kWh can be actively used. The HV battery is a central component of the newly developed Premium Platform Electric (PPE) with 800-volt architecture, used by Porsche for the first time in the new Macan. The DC charging output is up to 270 kW. The battery can be charged from 10 to 80 per cent within approximately 21 minutes at a suitable fast-charging station.

Porsche exclusively uses the latest generation of permanently-excited PSM electric motors on the front and rear axles to achieve excellent efficiency and enable optimum reproducibility of the power output. The electronically controlled Porsche Traction Management manages the distribution of the torque with Launch Control in almost real time.

To offer the broad spectrum between high performance and comfort for which the Macan is known, a Porsche Active Suspension Management system with two-valve damper technology, air suspension, rear-axle transverse lock and, for the first time, rear-axle steering with a steering angle of up to five degrees was deployed. Porsche succeeded in combining its characteristic design DNA with range-optimised aerodynamics, and through the Porsche Active Aerodynamics (PAA), the new Macan is one of the most streamlined SUVs on the market.

Thanks to the sharper proportions and Porsche Design DNA, the new Macan models look dynamic and dominant. The product identity and classic Porsche proportions of the Macan have been further developed, further heightening the sporty, modern and dynamic appearance.

Pre-launch events for the all-electric Macan will be held at Porsche Centres and Studios operated by official Porsche dealers across Korea. Detailed schedules can be confirmed through the nearest center.

※ The new all-electric Macan is set to be launched in the second half of the year, and specific dates and pricing details are yet to be determined.

[The new all-electric Macan pre-launch event Schedule]

Stuttgart Sports Cars Ltd.: June 29th - August 25th
Deutsch Auto Co.: July 3rd - August 18th
Autostadt Ltd.: July 6th - August 25th
Seyoung Mobility Co., Ltd.: July 6th - August 4th

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