Autohome Inc Presents Disruptive Innovations at the 818 Online Global Auto Show

Published : Thursday, August 15, 2019, 8:58 am
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BEIJING, Aug. 15, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Behind every innovation story in the tech world is a technological preparation for three or five years or more, 818 Online Global Auto Show, by Autohome Incwill bring an amazing experience to viewers.

Unbelievable: VR auto show UV broke 40million within just 7 days
Unbelievable: VR auto show UV broke 40million within just 7 days

"We are targeting Tmall Double 11 and 618, with at least 100 million exhibitors." Zhang Jingyu is very confident of the 818 Online Global Auto Show. "Though in the name of an auto show, it is beyond an auto show. The disruptive innovation behind it is significant to the Chinese auto market."

A Seed of Innovation

Three years ago, Lu Min, finance executive of Ping An Group, took over Autohome as chairman and CEO, sowing a seed of innovation at the 818 Online Global Auto Show. Autohome was acutely aware that user preferences were changing imperceptibly and that the pursuit of all-round sensory experience would be the new direction. According to Lu Min's proposal of creating a new business ecology with new technologies, Autohome decided to bet on VR and AR technologies, which were rarely used in the industry.

After identifying the technical route, creating the business model became a hard nut to crack. Zhang Jingyu recalled that he led the team to carry out many experiments, but eventually all failed to realize commercialization. After several failed attempts, Autohome found that the technical advantages of VR and AR was in creating scenes, which would allow users to immerse themselves, and create a series of unique experiences. Undoubtedly, scene marketing became a commercial tipping point.

"The essence of Internet commercialization is traffic and time realization." Zhang Jingyu told reporters that their experiments found that it takes 5-8 minutes for people to immerse into a scene in general, so as long as they make full use of this period of time, the business model will naturally establish.

Driven by this idea, Autohome finally found a practical and commercially viable route, which is the Intelligent Online Auto Show. However, Autohome has also faced formidable challenges in technology iteration. Since 2016, behind every online auto show, the company has to deal with high-intensity workload, strict customer requirements and endless technical problems. However, these seemingly hardships have sped up the growth of Autohome online auto show project. Last November, the 818 Online Global Auto Show was officially launched.

Undeniable business logic

Every year, there are countless auto shows around the country, but in Zhang Jingyu's view, no auto show can match the 818 Online Global Auto Show in terms of scale, input, game play, and resource integration capability. The confidence of Autohome comes from the business logic that auto companies can't resist.

Since the beginning of this year, the auto market has been hovering at a low level, and encountered the national V to VI vehicle emission standards switch, so the already weak consumer demand is overdrawn. In the second half of the year, almost every auto company is facing the dilemma of brand marketing or effect marketing. But no matter which, result will be the priority. For auto companies who don't know how to break the marketing dilemma, the 818 Online Global Auto Show is just in time. Its commercial value has found the innovation combination of brand exposure, product interpretation and digital marketing for auto companies, and also created a rare marketing hot spot for the dealers in the off-season sales. "It not only meets the needs of the B-end in product-effect integration, but also creates traffic for the b-end and provides the C-end with a new experience beyond previous auto shows," Zhang Jingyu concluded.

According to Autohome, the 818 Online Global Auto Show will be the largest on-line auto show in the world, create the "Double 11 Shopping Festival" for the auto industry, open up a new model of integration of auto and the internet, and become an unprecedented marketing event in the auto industry. During the two-month promotion from warm-up, momentum building to release, landing and closing. Autohome will hold activities such as fan festivals, KOL conferences, model races and Auto Owners' Day, which will arouse the public opinion and continue to promote the 818 Online Global Auto Show. On August 8, the world's largest online auto show will be officially launched; On August 18, we will join with Hunan Satellite TV to create the world's first "Car Evening" bringing top stars, auto ideas, cross-screen interaction and gifts worth of 10 million, to push the grand ceremony to the climax. On August 19, China Association of Automobile Manufacturers will jointly organize the "Global Conference on Innovation in the Automotive Industry" with Autohome to continue to make Autohome's presence known in the industry. The 100 Cities Offline Auto Show, which interacts closely with the online market, will enjoy the huge amount of traffic accumulated from a series of events.

A painstaking game play

"How to measure the success of the 818 Online Global Auto Show depends on whether it can meet the needs of customers, that is, auto companies and dealers, and whether it can meet the demands of consumers. Ultimately, the demand for the former is to sell more cars, while the demand for the latter is to buy affordable cars," Zhang Jingyu told reporters the fancy trick of the 818 Online Global Auto Show before attending the company's 818-themed PMO conference.

As the highlight of the 818 marketing event, 2019 Autohome 818 Global Car Night Gala is undoubtedly the most closely watched event. The event, dubbed as "Car Evening", will present a chemical reaction between cars and art shows. More than 30 top stars will gather, and 20 of them will perform songs and dances. Plus, 10 top stars will interact with the audience during performance. We will also join forces with the Museum of Vintage Cars to bring the automotive history of 130 years to the stage, including the world's first recognized Mercedes-Benz 1, which was created in 1885, Elvis Presley's rocket-propelled Cadillac Erdogrado and China's first premium car, the Red Flag CA72. During the live broadcast of the party, Autohome will also join hands with Volvo, Dongfeng Honda, Geely Automobile and Dongfeng Fengxing to launch a new car showcase. Audiences inside and outside the venue can participate in cross-screen interactive gambling, winning red envelopes of millions, the right to use 100 new cars and gifts worth millions.

On August 8, Autohome launched the world's first online Auto Show. Through AR, AI, Web3D and other technologies, it will break down time, space and geographical constraints. A 360-degree panoramic multi-dimensional visual scene is constructed to present nearly 100 brand images and create an off-line auto show atmosphere. Intelligent recommendation of the best browsing path, real person car models, auto editors and industry KOL will interpret product performance from multiple angles, so that consumers can fully immerse themselves and have fun in the show. There are also manufacturers credit coupons worth billion yuan, 818 yuan car purchase gift, 50% off and other car purchase discounts.

"This is our brand battle. Through 'Car Evening', Fan Festival, car model competition and other brand promotion and users attraction events, we will seamlessly connect online Auto Show and 100 Cities Offline Auto Show to realize sales transformation. Autohome will eventually turn the 818 into a new global auto marketing brand, new carnival of auto consumption, and new event of auto culture," Zhang Jingyu pledged.

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