Opening Ceremony of the 16th EBS International Documentary Film Festival (EIDF 2019)

Published : Tuesday, August 20, 2019, 5:34 pm
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The opening ceremony of the 16th EBS International Documentary Film Festival (EIDF 2019) sponsored by EBS (Chairman Kim Myung-joong) and sponsored by Goyang City was held at 7 pm EBS Space Hall on Monday, August 19th.

Hosted by the broadcaster Kim Kuk-jin and actor Kim Gyu-ri, the opening ceremony of EIDF 2019 was also broadcast live on the YouTube EIDF channel.

▲ The biggest event of the year for Korean documentary lovers is finally revealed.

▲ This year's opening ceremony was held by Kim Kook-jin and actor Kim Gyu-ri.

At the opening ceremony, Chairman Kim Myung-joong announced the opening of the EIDF 2019, and judges including Morten Traavik, directors of the festival's competition works, and documentary directors both at home and abroad were in attendance.

Representatives including a legislator Kim Kyoung-jin, a senior deputy mayor Lee Chun-pyo, the standing committee of Korean Communications Commission Go Sam-seok, the chairman of Goyang City congress Lee Yoon-seung, and the officials from Korea Creative Content Agency, Korea Radio Promotion Association, and Korea Communications Agency attended the ceremony to celebrate the opening of the festival.

The chairman of EIDF, Kim Myung-joong declared the start of the festival. "The documentary has recorded hope, frustration, truth, lies, light and even darkness. In the age of uncertainty, I think documentaries are more important than ever."

▲ With the opening declaration of Chairman EBS Kim Myung-joong, the event schedule for EIDF 2019 has begun.

▲ Documentary producers and directors who entered the competition section expressed their impressions about the visit.

▲ Among the entries, Russian and Japanese works received attention by illuminating the dark memories and aspects of human history.

▲ Lee Chang-jae, chairman of the jury, revealed his impressions this year and asked for interest in Korean documentaries.

▲ Global pitching participants who will lead the future documentary trends were introduced and applauded.

The opening ceremony of EIDF 2019 was prepared to introduce the main contents and programs of the festival, including stage greetings from competing works' directors and introduction of judges.

As for special performances, the percussion performance team "Good Friends" was held at the begging of the ceremony, and at the end, "JustJerk" showed a great performance. After the ceremony, EIDF 2019's opening film "Midnight Traveler" was screened.

▲ The opening ceremony was concluded shortly after the introduction of the main contents of "Midnight Traveler".

EIDF 2019 will be held in Goyang-si and Seoul at the same time until 25th (Sun) following the catchphrase 'Documentary, Lighting the World!'. 73 documentary films from 34 countries will be screened on the three theaters including EBS, Megabox Ilsan Bella Citta, and Small Theater Under the Clouds of Hongdae, and EBS 1TV Channel.

There are also various program events: 'EIDF Special Forum with representative architects of Korea: Urban and Architecture-Warmth of Home' (8/21 19:00, Small Theater Under the Clouds), and various special talks with the theme of 'Is it good to marry', 'We go to Pyeongyang without fear', and 'My Dog's Taste'.

Meanwhile, EIDF 2019, which marks its 16th this year, will be held in Goyang-si and Seoul from August 17th (Sat) to August 25th (Sun). Through documentary VOD service 'D-BOX', it is possible to watch films again.

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