Wonderland Kazakiri Inc. comes to TGS2019 with BQM Block Quest Maker COMPLETE EDITION

Published : Thursday, September 5, 2019, 2:43 pm
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This year, Wonderland Kazakiri Inc. will be exhibiting BQM - BlockQuest Maker COMPLETE EDITION at TOKYO GAME SHOW2019.

This game is an RPG dungeon maker, which enables you to create and play dungeons, at core and thanks to very intuitive editor you don’t need special skills in programming to do that. From kids to adults who love retro gaming, everyone can challenge the world and his very own imagination.

BQM - BlockQuest Maker COMPLETE EDITION is a full package with two DLCs added. With this content comes over 500 map and event parts! The types of dunegons that can be created are endless, ranging from puzzles, through action to story RPGs. And even though no programming skills are necessary in order to be ble to play this game, it sure can help in developing logical thinking as it is using system of connected gimmicks to create certain mechanisms. It’s like learning through pictures, it’s fun! What is more, created dungeons can be released throughout the world and, as of the end of August, the player created dungeons amass to 20 000, which you can access when buying the game.

At the same time as the COMPLETE EDITION is released, the second DLC „CYBER CENTURY” will be distributed. With many Sci-Fi like map parts and new monsters, the new system events are also included. In this DLC lasers enable new type of attacks (in diagonal direction) and new type of "shoot'em up" dungeon can be created. Moreover, the „in dungeon” currency system has been implemented and the range of choices for the RPG type dungeon has been expanded.

At the TGS2019 booth, you can try out the latest BQM with the new CYBER CENTURY expansion so feel free to stop by and give it a try!

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