JFI Games will showcase its new game at the 'TOKYO GAME SHOW2019' B2B

Published : Tuesday, September 10, 2019, 2:40 pm
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The 2019 annual video game industry event「TOKYO GAME SHOW2019」will be held from September 12th to September 15th at Makuhari Messe. The theme for TGS2019 is "One World, Infinite Joy", hoping that science and technology can bring people closer to each other, bringing everyone relatable experience and emotions playing video games.

On this particular event, JFI Games has confirmed that it will participate in the B2B exhibition area of TGS2019. As a Taiwanese original game developer, it will bring its competitive mobile game "Bound Strike", its anime style action game "Dusk Diver" supported on Steam, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch and the new PC game "CODE2040" will be interacting with industry partners in the 4-C06 exhibition area.

JFI Games is based on the core of self-development and self-operation, at the same time participates in overseas licensing, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau game distribution and provides various cooperative development opportunities. JFI Games' self-developed games cover a variety of different platforms. The new PC game showcased will be a multiplayer third-person shooter game called "CODE2040" with teamwork at its core, the game setting is set in future Taiwan, the story takes place in an outside-world found by a private business unit called Rosetta Dimension (referred to as R.D.) technology company whom began to plan and experiment on a simulation project to explore the outside-world, secrets hidden in the outside-world for the player to explore themselves in 2020 when it arrives on STEAM.

The anime-style action game 《Dusk Diver》, which will be officially released on Steam, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch on October 24th, is a new single player game with the Taipei sightseeing cultural district of Ximending as its stage. The story takes the MRT Ximen Station, Exit 6 as its starting point, emphasizing a realistic yet fantastical world setting presented by an anime style touch to truly recreate the streets of Ximending. The female high school student "Yang Yumo" who was caught up in an unexpected incident will prevent evil from invading the human world alongside various guardian deities in an alternate world.

The competitive mobile game "Bound Strike" made for the mobile phone has its original gameplay concept territory competition featured as one of its major highlights, players can play different cards according to different changes in profession, shifting the frontlines in response to attacks on left right center lanes, the proportion of territories captured is also raised, win if you occupy more territory with three minutes a round. " Bound Strike " also won many honors such as the IMGA Awards, Best Mobile Award (BMA) and Bahamut's 11th Game and Animation Awards, etc., verifying JFI Games' solid international product development, on a mission to explore the player experience, to expand the enjoyment of games and break through technological boundaries, we are committed to becoming a representative company of Taiwanese game development.

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