Hong Kong Digital Entertainment Association Launches First-ever "Hong Kong Pavilion" in "Tokyo Game Show 2019"

Published : Thursday, September 12, 2019, 8:00 am
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12 Selected Hong Kong Game Start-ups Promote Local Games

HONG KONG, Sept. 12, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- The first "Hong Kong Game Enhancement and Promotion Scheme" (the Scheme), which is organised by The Hong Kong Digital Entertainment Association and sponsored by Create Hong Kong of the HKSAR Government, will set up Hong Kong Pavilion at the renowned Tokyo Game Show 2019 to be held from 12-15 September 2019 to facilitate the selected game start-ups to promote their game products to international buyer, potential partners and explore business opportunities.

As a global metropolis with combing Chinese and Western cultures, Hong Kong game industry has always been known for its diversity, creativity and international flavour. Many Hong Kong-made games have made successful forays into local and overseas market with excellent results.

The Scheme is the first of its kind that supports Hong Kong original games' promotion by providing subsidies for renting and constructing booth inside the Hong Kong Pavilion at Tokyo Game Show 2019. It also covers the partial expenses of air tickets and hotel accommodation incurred by two attendees from each selected game start-up with also full expenses of on-site Japanese interpretation services for assisting to network with their Japanese counterparts.

The Tokyo Game Show 2019-Hong Kong Pavilion will occupy a floor space of about 100 square metres and exhibit 12 latest Hong Kong-made original games. Hong Kong Pavilion will strive to make Hong Kong participants stand out with vivid colour's design. The Tokyo Game Show 2019 will facilitate the selected game start-ups to promote their products by catering to latest gaming trends and innovations.

Tokyo Game Show 2019 will be held from 12-15 September 2019.

Selected Game Start-ups Participating in "Hong Kong Pavilion"

Company Name

Game Name

Game's Type

Anxious Otter Games Ltd

Idle Space Farmer


Element Cell Game Ltd

Magic burns 9 times


Ember Entertainment Ltd

Realm of Alters

Trading Card/Role-playing


Foodie Frog


Gamestry Lab Ltd

Balance Breakers


Genuine Studio Ltd

Dangerous Man

Adventure/Puzzle video

Original Workshop Co Ltd

Genki Village

Simulation/Puzzle video

Player Two Games

Iron Space





Twitchy Finger Ltd

APEX Racer


VAR LIVE International Ltd



Zoomob Ltd

Fall in Love-The Knight Brothers


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