The “Barefoot Diva” Lee Eun-mi’s 30th Anniversary Press Conference

Published : Monday, December 2, 2019, 8:46 pm
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The eternal “Barefoot Diva” Lee Eun-mi, who sings the true heart that will not change over time, celebrated her 30th anniversary. The press conference was held in commemoration of this, and the memoirs and recollections as a human being could be heard.

To celebrate her 30 years of stage life that passed through the path of a true ‘singer’ by being called the ‘Queen of the Live’ and to express gratitude to the audience who sympathized with her music and supported her, she announced that she will hold a nationwide tour concert in 35 cities next year with the release of the commemorative album <Soaked (HeumBbeok in Korean)>.

The 30th Anniversary Album <Soaked> is an album that shows Lee Eun-mi's musical depth and charisma for the past 30 years. The songs 'It Was Love' and 'Yesterday Daytime', which were released on September 25, were popular with critics and the public and raised expectations of the songs to be released sequentially.

‘It Was Love’, working with Echo-Bridge that presented a number of collaborations with musicians of all generations including Choi Beak-ho, Naul, Jungyup, Kyuhyun, and ‘Yesterday Daytime’, working with rising composer Kim Chae-Eun show Lee Eun-mi's musical perfection always seeking for new music instead of staying in the existing style.

The 30th Anniversary Nationwide Tour Concert will be first held in Gwangju and Busan, titled ‘30 years 1,000th, Thank You’, and will meet fans by the end of 2020 in 35 cities including Incheon, Jeonju, Seoul, Daegu, Pyeongtaek, Ulsan, Suwon, Jinju, and Uijeongbu.

▲ One hour was a short time to release 30-year journey as a Diva.

▲ Official Poster of ‘30 years 1,000th, Thank You’

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