Dable Partners with Malaysiakini to Provide Personalized Content Recommendation

Published : Thursday, December 19, 2019, 9:55 am
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SELANGOR, Malaysia, Dec. 19, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Dable, Asia's top content discovery platform and a member company of the Born2Global Centre, has entered into a partnership with Malaysiakini, Malaysia's leading independent news platform.

Dable signed a partnership contract with Malaysiakini, Malaysia’s leading independent news platform.
Dable signed a partnership contract with Malaysiakini, Malaysia’s leading independent news platform.

With this partnership, Dable will provide personalized content recommendation solutions on the Malaysiakini (Chinese) website, via a widget. The service will help increase the site's traffic and boost article consumption by feeding readers with content they are interested in.

Dable is a startup based in South Korea that uses big data and personalization technologies to analyze the media content consumed by visitors in real-time and provide quality, personalized recommendations.

On the Malaysiakini (Chinese) website, Dable will operate "Dable News," which provides personalized content recommendations based on analyses of the gender, age, and behavior pattern of visitors to the site using AI technology. With widgets, such as "Other content you may like," at the end of articles, Malaysiakini will be able to provide more accurate and relevant content recommendations to keep readers engaged for longer, increase time spent on the site, improve user satisfaction, and increase its page views.

Dable provides several recommendation algorithms that can be used selectively depending on the characteristics of the desired media type, including: "Personalized Articles," which provides content that is tailored to the interests of each user; "Perused Articles," which shows content that was read thoroughly by other users; and "Popular by Gender/Age," which shows news items according to their popularity by gender and/or age.

In Korea, Dable holds an 80 percent market share. In 2017, the company, based on its superior technological prowess, branched out into several Asian markets, including Taiwan, Japan, Indonesia, and Vietnam. Currently, Dable has partnerships with approximately 1,800 media corporations in Korea (MBC, MSN, and Kakao), Indonesia (Liputan6, Suara, and Kaskus), Vietnam (Thanh Niên, Saostar, and Bongda), and other countries/regions in Asia.

Dable will also provide "Dable Native Ad," which promotes readers interest in certain content through Dable News and shows advertisements that match the design of the recommended content. Unlike conventional native advertisements, which are randomly presented to all visitors, Dable Native Ad has the potential to be more effective, as advertisements are personalized based on analyses of the content users have consumed online and the users interests.

Dable CEO Lee Chaehyun said, "In the past, increasing page views was important for increasing a media company's profits. But global media companies today have become increasingly focused on keeping visitors on their sites as long as possible. As a major content discovery platform in Asia, Dable provides personalized content for website visitors based on their particular interests, which helps increase not only the number of page views per visitor and the revisit rate but also the amount of time visitors spend on the sites. Through this partnership, we hope to consolidate Malaysia's local content database, and also hope to cooperate with more Malaysian media and advertisers."

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