EBS Well-Made Documentary ‘Singers – Laugh and Cry with the Times’ Press Conference

Published : Friday, December 27, 2019, 2:31 pm
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On December 22, EBS (CEO Kim Myung-Joong) announced a specially designed documentary ‘Singers – Laugh and Cry with the Times’ (10 episodes) during the press conference held at Sookmyung Women's University.

‘Singers – Laugh and Cry with the Times’ (hereinafter ‘Singers’) is a music & interview documentary that intensively sheds new light on the great singers who soothed the anxiety and sorrows of the people and sometimes encouraged their hope and courage throughout the turbulent modern history. In particular, ‘Singers’ is a biography with a bold line that finds the value of musical DNA and rediscovers the singers who have comforted people in the ages before the BTS craze that swept the world today.

▲ ‘Singers’ Season 1, which recorded Korean modern and contemporary history with singers' voice and songs, was revealed on 22.

‘Singers’ is composed of only singers’ songs and real interviews without narration. EBS produced a teleprompter for video for the first time in Korea and performed a special shooting where the performer looks directly at the camera. And it made viewers feel like they are vividly meeting stars through TV.

In addition, high-quality audio, such as a hyper-cardioid condenser mic, was used to show the music as if we are at the live concert of the singers.

‘Singers’ first episode, aired at 9:35 pm on Sunday, December 22, was opened by a folk singer Song Chang-Sik. After a long absence, Song Chang-Sik, who slugged the 70s as a symbol of youth culture, such as <Whale Hunting> and <Why Do You Call Me?>, talked about a story which has never been done in front of the camera.

▲ Singer Hye-Eun-Yi

▲ Singer Lee Eun-Ha

▲ Singer Jeon Young-Rok

▲ Han Sang-Ho, CP at EBS and General Director of ‘Singers’

■ “I wanted to play my music with our words and language, just like writing an old poem pleasantly.”

We can meet Song Chang-Sik, who pursued Korean colors in a series of hit songs, including <Ga Na Da Ra>, <A Day of Sparrow>, <Azure Days>, <We are>.

The second episode, which will be broadcasted on December 29, will be handed by Yang Hee-Eun, who presented a deep resonant sound to the times. Yang Hee-Eun found an echo in all ages’ hearts through the folk songs like <Morning Dew> and <Evergreen Tree> as well as popular songs with unique emotions such as <About the Loneliness Called Love> and <Han Gye Ryeong>. This time, she will present another impression with serious interview. Besides the broadcaster Yang Hee-Eun who is loved by various entertainment programs and radio, the true character of the singer Yang Hee-Eun and the reason why she is a godmother of folk song will be revealed through the ‘Singers’.

Korea’s first singer for video, Hye Eun-Yi, had taken the love of the whole nation by causing ‘Hye Eun-Yi Syndrome’ with a series of hit songs such as <You Wouldn’t Know>, <I Really Really Like You>, and <Third Han River Bridge>. Her popularity as a fashion icon, such as a short cut hair craze called ‘wind hair’, was greater than any other female singers. Still singing with a little girl’s heart, Hye Eun-Yi can be confirmed through the third episode of ‘Singers’.

▲ EBS first developed and introduced a teleprompter designed to keep viewers and interviewers at the same eye level.

■ “The movie is my father, and the song is my mother. My musical and sensory talent came from 98% of my family's genes. I do not want to deny my roots.”

Jeon Young-Rok, who is known as an all-round entertainer and the originator of a huge fan base of teenage girls called ‘Oppa Budae’, is the one who always meets fans at the front line. Recently, he has challenged fishing life through the evening program of public TV and is expecting his second heyday. He said that ‘Singers’, which looks back on the song life, is a welcome program like rain for a drought.

Meanwhile, Jeon Young-Rok's music diary, such as holding a concert at Cheongju CJB Media Center on December 29, 2019, is still in progress.

■ “I like to challenge myself. My heart is as excited as waiting for a loved one. ”

The confession of disco queen and singer Lee Eun-Ha, who has challenged various genres such as ballad, disco, rock and jazz, is beautiful. Overcoming the illness and restoring the current health, she boasts colorful colors like a chameleon.

In addition, you will be able to meet 10 great singers, including Lee Eun-Ha, Han Dae-Soo, Kim Soo-Chul, Song Dae-Gwan, and Lee Jang-Hee until February next year.

▲ PD Jeon Young-Geon also attended the joint interview and told the story behind the production.

▲ EBS exhibited photographs of moments during filming and paid tribute to the singers who shed light on an era.

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