T&R Biofab Succeeded in Developing Liver Organoids through 3D Printing

Published : Friday, February 21, 2020, 2:47 pm
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A Korean 3D bioprinting company, T&R Biofab Co., Ltd. (CEO Won-Soo Yoon), succeeded in developing 3D bioprinted liver organoids through the joint research with the Korea Polytechnic University (KPU). The liver organoids have the cell array structure of the actual liver tissue.

On February 20, the research results were published in a paper in the journal 'Small' (Impact Factor: 10.856), the world's top international journal in biomaterials.

Concept map of liver organoid printing technique (left) and photograph of 3D printed liver organoids (right) [Image by: T&R Biofab]

The existing liver organoids were like aggregates that gathered cells in three dimensions. So, T&R Biofab emphasized that the organoids developed in this study embody 3D printing of liver cells as well as vascular tissues and liver lobules in a very similar way to real livers.

Not only the shape of the liver but also its function are similar to those of the real liver. The secretion of albumin and enzymes, which is a main function of the liver, is superior to the conventional method. Moreover, the toxicity drug reaction can be very similar to the real liver. It is expected to be a breakthrough technology to replace animal experiments in the field of new drug development as a model for evaluating liver toxicity of new drug candidates.

Besides, the technique presented in this paper can be applied to the development of various organs, such as muscles and nerves, in addition to the liver, as it can simultaneously print blood vessels and cells with complicated structures. T&R Biofab said that technology has already been registered for patents in Korea, and foreign patents are also being examined by individual countries.

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