ARK: Genesis Now Available on PC, Xbox One, and PS4

Published : Thursday, February 27, 2020, 10:13 am
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Today Studio Wildcard unlocked the next chapter in the saga of ARK: Survival Evolved with the release of ARK: Genesis - Part 1. Expanding the ARK storyline with all-new mission-based gameplay, ARK: Genesis leads Survivors through beautiful yet lethal new worlds filled with exotic creatures, craftable items, and weapons unlike anything seen before on the ARK!

In the massive ARK: Genesis - Part 1 expansion, Survivors wake up within a virtual simulation accompanied by the strangely familiar ‘HLN-A’ companion. Together they must overcome the simulation’s rigorous tests and only by fighting, building, taming, and exploring this new world will Survivors uncover the secrets behind this forbidding place. Only the toughest and smartest Survivors will pass all of the simulation’s grueling challenges.

The ARK: Genesis Part 1 expansion pack is available to download now as part of the ARK: Genesis Season Pass for Steam on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 for $34.99. The ARK: Genesis Season Pass delivers two new huge expansion packs (Part 1 available today and Part 2 releasing Winter 2020) and the exclusive in-game robotic AI companion called ‘HLN-A’ who guides Survivors with voice navigation and narrative throughout this enduring ARK challenge.

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