Ivanti Wavelink Partners with Manhattan Associates to Support Windows to Android Migrations in Southeast Asia (SEA)

Published : Tuesday, July 14, 2020, 9:00 am
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The Ivanti Rapid Platform will help validate multiple hardware platforms, providing the right solution for the right device

SINGAPORE, July 14, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Ivanti Wavelink announced its partnership with Manhattan Associates, in support of Windows to Android migrations. Using Ivanti® Rapid Platform™, customers in warehousing, transport & logistics, and retail who use Manhattan Associates solutions, can now experience an easy-to-use migration from Windows to Android systems. Further, this solution allows organisations to also eliminate the risk typically associated with new platform migration.

"We are proud to be on board with Manhattan Associates and support them in their migration journey in the Southeast Asia region," said Simon Storey, Area Vice President APAC at Ivanti Wavelink. "With Ivanti Rapid delivery platform, we are helping our customers easily migrate their apps to Android or Windows 10 and enhance their user experience by modernising, voice-enabling and managing assets."

Designed to speed modernisation within the supply chain, the platform delivers several enhancements for optimising and simplifying the migration of applications across devices and operating systems.

Additional benefits and features of the platform include:

  • Voice enabled applications - Speeds up operations by adding voice to existing apps and increases safety by being truly hands free
  • Rapid migration and modernisation - Allows migration and modernisation in minutes, enhancing existing apps with new HTML screens and extending the life of the application
  • Validation - Validates against multiple hardware platforms giving maximum flexibility for the right device with the right solution
  • Support with new User interface - Decreases training time with a modern User Interface (UI)
  • Value Adds - Adds operational efficiencies such as voice picking, voice directed cross docking and releasing the hands for single items picks

"At Manhattan Associates, we are committed to provide both top-line growth and bottom-line profitability for our customers through our leading edge solutions and unmatched experience," said Daniel Osborne, Marketing Director, APAC at Manhattan Associates. "With this in mind, teaming up with Ivanti will further support us in providing our customers a seamless experience with easily deployed systems."

He added, "As a provider of leading-edge WMS and on-premises solutions, we constantly work towards minimising the risks and dependence on IT resources for our customers. Ivanti® Rapid Platform will benefit our customers to speed up their operations through rapid migration and modernisation, support with new UI, increasing productivity and accuracy."

About Manhattan Associates
Manhattan Associates is a technology leader in supply chain and omnichannel commerce. We unite information across the enterprise, converging front-end sales with back-end supply chain execution. Our software, platform technology and unmatched experience help drive both top-line growth and bottom-line profitability for our customers. Manhattan Associates designs, builds and delivers leading edge cloud and on-premises solutions so that across the store, through your network or from your fulfilment center, you are ready to reap the rewards of the omnichannel marketplace.
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Ivanti Wavelink
The Ivanti Wavelink business unit helps organisations leverage modern technology in the warehouse and across the supply chain to improve delivery without modifying backend systems. The company also unifies IT and Security Operations to better manage and secure the digital workplace. From PCs to mobile devices, VDI and the data center, Ivanti discovers IT assets on-premises and in the cloud, improves IT service delivery, and reduces risk with insights and automation. Ivanti is headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, and has offices all over the world.  For more information, visit and follow @GoIvanti.

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