Huddly makes smart cameras for new Google Meet Series One room kits from Lenovo

Published : Wednesday, September 16, 2020, 11:31 am
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Two smart cameras made by Huddly are going to feature in the Google Meet Series One room kits, a new generation of meeting room devices announced by Google Cloud and Lenovo. With cameras for large, medium, and small room kits, and Power over Ethernet technology, the kits can be tailored to fit all of your rooms.

TJ Varghese, Group Product Manager at Google, comments: “For the Series One, we wanted cameras that help us enable immersive, lifelike experiences and are able to capture high-fidelity images of all participants in any scenario, including large rooms. We worked with Huddly to build these Smart Cameras, which deliver this in the elegant Series One design that has no moving parts and blends into any office.”

Stein Ove Eriksen, Huddly CEO and Co-founder, adds: “This is an exciting next step in our longstanding partnership with Google Cloud, building upon our previous successful collaborations on the previous Google Meet kit with Asus and the IQ mounts for Jamboard. The Series One room kits provide the kind of inclusive user experience that is at the heart of everything we do here at Huddly, and we are excited to work with Google Cloud and Lenovo to bring these high-quality video experiences to everyone.”

The Series One Smart Camera XL for large meeting rooms, and the Series One Smart Camera for small and medium rooms are two new cameras which are both made by Huddly. Both cameras use Power over Ethernet technology to make setup easy and flexible, with no limits in regards to the distance or cable length.

With the Series One Smart Camera XL, Huddly's advanced software enables a high-quality video experience in large rooms. Thanks to a large one-inch sensor, the camera can cover large boardrooms and capture everybody in high quality, including the people on the far end of the room. Its fixed lens enables it to always see the entire room, detect and frame participants, and capture movement and facial expressions as they happen.

With beautifully designed, easy-to-install devices that blend into office environments, the Series One Google Meet hardware kits in partnership with Lenovo put people first by making sure they can do what they do best without having to worry about adjusting the camera, muting to type, or crinkling a snack while someone else is talking. It’s the next best thing to actually being in the same room.

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