The 25th Busan International Film Festival Introduces Open Cinema Selections

Published : Monday, October 12, 2020, 5:59 pm
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The 25th Busan International Film Festival introduced 6 Open Cinema selections, which to be screened at the BIFF Theater located in Busan Cinema Center from October 21st to 30th. Open Cinema is a section that features a collection of new and internationally acclaimed films that offer both its cinematic quality and popularity.

This year’s Open Cinema selections include quality films from diverse genres. The Asadas, inspired by photographer Asada Masashi’s photography books; DAEMUGA, a film on bizarre stories involving shamans; the Asian Project Market 2001 official selection returning to Busan after a 19-year hiatus, My Missing Valentine; Disney and Pixar’s Soul, a film that will make you contemplate some of life’s most important questions; Summer of 85, a sensitive and mysterious coming-of-age story by François Ozon, adapted from Aidan Chambers’ novel Dance on My Grave; and The Ties, the opening film at this year’s Venice International Film Festival that portrays a couple who are tied together even after their separation and divorce.

[ Open Cinema Section Screening List ]

The Asadas
Director | NAKANO Ryota | Japan
The Asadas was inspired by photographer Asada Masashi’s photography books. Nakano Ryota, who has told stories of families in Her Love Boils Bathwater and A Long Goodbye, once again delivers consolation and warmth with humor through The Asadas.

Director | LEE Hanjong | Korea
DAEMUGA is a film that consists of four main characters, starting with an incident in which a professional shaman named Shin Nam unexpectedly becomes involved. The unpredictable genre, anomalies, and variations of the ‘excitement’ are the charm of DAEMUGA.

My Missing Valentine
Director | CHEN Yu-Hsun | Taiwan
My Missing Valentine is a story about Xiao Chi, who is always a step ahead and her first love who is always a step behind, finally meeting after 20 years apart. Combining reality and fantasy and free-flowing time, this lovely romantic comedy is brought to life through rookie actor Patty Lee’s charming performance. A project of the Asia Project Market 2001, Chen Yu-hsun returns to Busan after a 19-year hiatus.

Director | Pete DOCTER, Kemp POWERS | United States
Disney and Pixar’s Soul is the story of Joe Gardner, a middle school band teacher who gets a chance to play the best jazz club in town. But one small misstep sends him to the cosmic realm, where he discovers the answers to some of life’s most important questions.

Summer of 85
Director | François OZON | France
Adapting Aidan Chambers’ novel Dance on My Grave, which was one of the outstanding readings of his youth, François Ozon wrote a sensitive and mysterious coming of age story. This autobiographical part makes Summer of 85 a very touching movie, which is also a dive into the music and fashion of this period.

The Ties
Director | Daniele LUCHETTI | Italy
The opening film of the Venice International Film Festival 2020 follows a couple over a span of 30 years who cannot let go of each other even after separation and divorce. Crossing between Rome and Naples, the present and the past, Luchetti unfolds an intimate story of a desolate home, a cat, and a secret box.

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