Porsche Korea Launches the ‘Taycan 4S’ Kart for Nexon’s IP Game, ‘KartRider’

Published : Thursday, December 31, 2020, 5:39 pm
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Porsche Korea (Holger Gerrmann, CEO of Porsche Korea Ltd.) signed a partnership with Nexon (CEO Lee Jung-hun) on the 31st to showcase its first pure electric sports car, the ‘Taycan 4S,’ as a new kart in PC and mobile games based on ‘KartRider’ IP (Intellectual Property).

The partnership is part of a collaboration project with a Korean brand and artist to mark the launch of Porsche's new iconic model, the ‘Taycan,’ and was designed to actively communicate with young customers in their 20s to 30s who enjoy casual racing games.

CEO of Porsche Korea, Holger Gerrmann stated that, "The partnership between Porsche Korea and Nexon will be an opportunity to provide a unique brand experience, through the launch of the ‘Taycan' kart on esports platforms that domestic customers are familiar with,” and added, "In par-ticular, we hope future potential customers who enjoy esports will be able to experience the powerful performance of the new electric sports car ‘Taycan’, and feel the spirit of the Porsche brand."

The kart, which was modelled after the Porsche ‘Taycan,’ will be applied to PC game ‘KartRider’ and mobile game ‘KartRider Rush+’, on January 21st and 29th 2021, respectively. In the future, Super Match will be held to compete with game skills on the Porsche Taycan kart under the con-cept of one-make race.

Meanwhile, the company will hold a pre-order event on the website of 'KartRider' and 'KartRider Rush+' in celebration of the IP game partnership with Porsche Korea. Until January 13th, players who participate in the pre-order of ‘Kart Rider’ can receive ‘Legend Parts X’ as well as ‘1,000 Parts Pieces’, and until January 28th, players who participate in the pre-order of 'KartRider Rush+’ will be able to receive a free 7-day 'Porsche Taycan 4S Kart body’. More information on the pre-order event can be found on Nexon's official website.

With their popularity, Nexon's 'KartRider' and 'KartRider Rush+' ranked the first in the racing gen-re of domestic PC and mobile platform, respectively, and the 'KartRider Rush+' has a record of reaching global cumulative number of 20 million users in just 300 days of service.

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