[CES 2021] LG Emphasized "Needs to Innovate Beyond Boundaries Between Fields in the New Normal Era" Through Future Talk

Published : Thursday, January 14, 2021, 6:43 pm
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On January 12th, LG Electronics (LG) held an LG Future Talk with the theme of "ONwards, Together" at CES 2021. CES 2021, an international electronic show on January 11-14, 2021 (PST), is held entirely digitally this year due to COVID-19.

As the host of LG Future Talk, Dr. I.P. Park, LG Electronics President and Chief Technology Officer, introduced innovative products and new products, such as LG Electronics' CLOi robots and Smart Thermal Camera, in response to the pandemic. He unveiled a new report introducing the current development stages of artificial intelligence. Also, he led the event by highlighting the innovation that cooperates to lead the new normal era with the LG ThinQ application.

Gary Shapiro, president and CEO of the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), David Rabie, CEO of Tovala, Jean-François Gagné, CEO of Element AI, and Dmitry Loschinin, executive vice president of DXC Technology and CEO of Luxoft, attended the Future Talk as panels to discuss future technology and vision.

▲ Dr. I.P. Park and Amy Aleha hosted the Future Talk. (LG Electronics)

First, while the world is facing a pandemic, Dr. Park explained that practical technologies must support implementing solutions for continuous change in everyday life. He claimed that to lead the new normal era, which is rapidly changing at a scale and speed beyond imagination, LG will emphasize innovation to cooperate with platform competitiveness beyond boundaries even by joining hands with competitors and coming up with an open innovation strategy.

Accordingly, Dr. Park showcased various LG CLOi robots, such as a delivery robot and sterilization robot using UV-C (Ultraviolet-C) lamps, and LG PuriCare Wearable Air Purifier, which is applied with air cleaning technology, and Smart Thermal Camera.

Shapiro emphasized the importance of open partnerships to promote digital innovation and cited the "LG Innovation Council" as a prime example. The LG Innovation Council, which operates to discover future technologies and new business opportunities through various insights from an open innovation perspective, is chaired by Dr. Park and participated by 12 experts in each field such as artificial intelligence, big data, cloud, robot, and mobility.

▲ Shapiro pointed out the LG Innovation Council as a prime example for digital innovations.

This open approach to innovation provides the basis for everything that LG is working towards, especially under its LG ThinQ brand, which encompasses its AI and IoT-enabled devices. Dr. Park outlined LG's plans to develop an ecosystem by connecting all products and services across categories, providing consumers with a fulfilling user experience and unsurpassed convenience.

LG Electronics plans to expand the ecosystem of the LG ThinQ app by collaborating with Tovala, a smart oven and meal-kit company, and to create new customer value related to diet. When a customer scans the barcode written on the meal-kit package with the LG ThinQ app, the oven automatically sets the optimal cooking course. Pre-heating, cooking temperature, and time settings are not required, so it is convenient. Customers can also purchase Tovala's Meal-Kit from the LG ThinQ app.

LG Electronics has cooperated with global food companies Nestle and Kraft-Heinz within this year so that customers can purchase foods using the LG ThinQ app. Dr. Park introduced a service that applies to install home appliances in different spaces with the LG ThinQ app through a partnership with HomeAdvisor, an American home services company.

▲ LG ThinQ app, an upgraded intelligent lifestyle platform, was unveiled. (LG Electronics)

Last year, at CES 2020, LG Electronics announced artificial intelligence (AI) steps developed with Element AI, an artificial intelligence company. AI development consists of four stages; Efficiency, Personalization, Reasoning, and Exploration.

This year, LG Electronics unveiled the "AIX Exchange", a report in the form of interactive content created with experts in various fields such as AI, robotics, consumer rights, and ethics. This report explains the future of AI as viewed by experts in each area and the role of AI development stages.

Accordingly, Dr. Park introduced the "Vision Pack," which allows users to experience artificial intelligence in the stages of Personalization (stage 2) and Reasoning (stage 3). Vision Pack uses deep learning technology to understand the user and situation by putting visual intelligence that determines images into the product. For instance, by applying Vision Pack to the refrigerator, users can check the inside of the fridge outside the house and purchase only the necessary items. Also, it can recommend recipes according to the ingredients in the fridge and the users' preferences.

LG Electronics also announced that Alluto, a joint venture established with Swiss-based global software company Luxoft, will be launched on the 27th of this month. Based on the webOS Auto platform, Alluto will introduce an integrated infotainment system for vehicles, including a head unit and a rear-seat entertainment system (RSE) to the market.

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