Hyperconnect launches SLIDE : a new global project in North America

- Third official project using Hyperconnect’s proprietary AI and video technology
- Video First social discovery and dating concept with future use of advanced Human AI technology
Published : Wednesday, January 20, 2021, 11:03 am
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Hyperconnect has officially launched ‘SLIDE’, a video-first dating and social discovery app with plans to roll-out in select markets. As online social discovery channels continue to grow rapidly in the era of COVID-19, SLIDE is making waves.

After a year of development, SLIDE is now available in North America, enabling users to express themselves three-dimensionally and vividly through a video-based dating experience. Slide is the product of a multinational development effort, involving resources across Hyperconnect’s global workforce.

With SLIDE, Hyperconnect is introducing its third major offering in the ever-expanding social discovery app market. According to App Annie, a mobile app research provider, the total global social discovery market is valued at approximately 100 trillion Korean won — of which dating alone accounts for over 6 trillion won.

“Large players in the global social discovery and dating app markets are still text and image-based, but we’re confident that video will soon replace these antiquated communication mechanisms. SLIDE, which focuses on instant video communication, will set a new milestone in the online dating market” says a Hyperconnect representative.

Through video-based profiles, AI-driven matching tools and a real time video “Vibe Check” feature, SLIDE enables users to effectively find, match and ‘test the waters’ with others in a transparent, efficient, and fun way. Users can input a variety of tastes and interests, which are shared easily through a wide variety of profile prompts. Taking cues from explosively popular short-form video apps like TikTok, users can also browse short videos of potential matches.

SLIDE makes use of Hyperconnect’s WebRTC technology, first employed in the real-time video chat app Azar, which has recorded over 500 million downloads globally. In SLIDE, ultra-low latency WebRTC video technology enables not only fast-rendering video profiles, but also reliable and exciting real-time video interaction. The first-of-its-kind “SLIDE AI” feature — which allows users to select several profiles to analyze and generate their ideal match, and then customizes matches based on that ideal — is built on Hyperconnect’s world-class artificial intelligence (AI) technology.

In addition to Azar and Hakuna Live, a global social live streaming platform, Hyperconnect is developing 'AI Human’ technology, which will combine an artificial intelligence “brain” with a graphic augmented reality “body” to create a virtual person that can see, hear, and speak naturally. Eventually, Hyperconnect expects to deploy this technology to SLIDE, enabling social interaction in ways previously unimaginable.

“SLIDE is a new category of app in the field of video communication and artificial intelligence — an impressive product of Hyperconnect’s know-how in the arena of social communication. As we expand globally, we’ll continue to uphold our reputation for innovation so that users around the world can experience the joy of connection and companionship,” says JungHoon “JH” Kim, Hyperconnect’s Chief Business Officer,

Hyperconnect( ), based in Seoul, South Korea, is globally recognized for its advancements in the world of artificial intelligence, particularly its development of a proprietary “on-device” AI engine. A next-generation deep learning technology that runs directly on mobile devices, Hyperconnect’s on-device AI drives powerful in-app capabilities without data ever leaving the device, mitigating data leakage and privacy issues while enabling groundbreaking outcomes across video, image, voice, and text. Hyperconnect was the world’s first company to commercialize “WebRTC” technology in a mobile environment, first launching ‘Azar’ in 2014, ‘Hakuna Live’ in 2019 and social discovery dating app 'SLIDE' in 2020.

Hyperconnect’s accolades also include its real-time voice translation technology, ultimately published and adopted in 2019 and 2020 at INTERSPEECH, the International Society for Speech Language Processing. Hyperconnect was the first Korean company to win the CVPR 2018 International Low-Power Image-Type Competition (LPIRC)

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