Hyperconnect : real-time video AI monitoring system can now auto-block live video content within 0.006 seconds

Published : Monday, January 25, 2021, 1:29 pm
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- Serverless “on-device” artificial intelligence technology pre-filters content at lightning-fast-speeds
- Substantial continued investment in user community health and safety

According to a representative from Hyperconnect, a recent update enables the company’s real-time video artificial intelligence (AI) monitoring system to pre-block and filter content within 0.006 seconds.

Hyperconnect, the Seoul-based AI and video technology company behind Azar and Hakuna Live, has been focused on developing deep learning-based AI monitoring systems for several years.

Hyperconnect developed the initial iteration of its AI monitoring system in 2017 — a global-first system capable of filtering content in a live video environment without data ever hitting the server. Dubbed “on-device artificial intelligence”, Hyperconnect’s AI engine drives powerful in-app capabilities directly on a user's device where the app is installed. Since live video can be monitored — and users protected — without data leaving the device, user privacy is preserved.

Since then, Hyperconnect has continued to invest aggressively in improving monitoring performance. Depending on mobile device specification, in less than one-tenth of one second — as fast as 0.004 seconds on an iPhone XR and 0.006 seconds for Galaxy S10 devices — content that violates user guidelines in can be automatically concealed from other users.

"We have reinforced user protection with the world's best AI monitoring technology, which, along with hundreds of monitoring personnel, is able to block inappropriate content in 0.006 seconds or less for Galaxy S10 users," according to HyunTaek “Eddie” Yong, Hyperconnect's Chief Technology Officer. “Hyperconnect will continue to channel company-wide resources into the development of technologies and best practices that protect users and create healthy user environments.”

Recently, Hyperconnect’s AI monitoring system was deployed to its newest social app products: Slide, a social discovery dating app launched in the North American and German markets, and 'Hakuna Live', a social live streaming service available in several markets globally. Hyperconnect’s advanced monitoring technology will also be packaged into the upcoming SDK from Hyperconnect Enterprise, enabling corporate clients globally to create safe and fun environments within various types of live, video services.

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