Asia Launches First Official Open Data Portal at Open Data Day 2021

Published : Wednesday, March 10, 2021, 11:18 pm
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TAIPEI, Taiwan--(BUSINESS WIRE)--#ODD2021--In conjunction with a data application workshop organized by Asia Open Data Partnership (AODP) at Open Data Day 2021, the current AODP secretariat, Taipei Computer Association announced the launch of Asia's first, official open data portal. Asia Open Data Portal offers a single point of access to open data published by institutions, agencies and organizations in a growing number of Asian member states, signaling a new era of data democratization across Asia.

The portal currently features over 73.1 thousand datasets, organized into 20 catalogues and 12 categories, which can help to solve problems such as pollution in cities and the sourcing of PPE. Data is collected from a growing number of AODP member states, including South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and India. Challenges facing the project include the diversity of Asian languages and data formats used by the different states' public and private sectors, which AODP is overcoming with the use of machine translation and diplomatic efforts toward data standardization.

The Asia Open Data Portal launch and data application workshop was live streamed on the DataEconomy.Taiwan YouTube channel, featuring talks from AODP representatives in Taiwan, Vietnam, Japan, India, Thailand and Cambodia. Special presentations were given by the 3 Invincible Award winners from last year's Asia Open Data Challenge. Firstly, a team member from GliaCloud (Taiwan) introduced her team’s AI video creation platform, GliaStar, which animates open data presentations with cartoon characters. Next, a team member from Smart Delivery (Japan) presented his team’s innovation in logistics, utilizing open data to incentivize and assist couriers in delivering food and medicine to elderly people in rural Japan. Lastly, a team member from Dbdbdeep (South Korea) explained how his team’s “Regional Social Turmoil Prediction Model” harnesses open data to identify the impacts of infectious diseases on society.

AODP was established in 2015 with the primary aim of facilitating communication and cooperation on open data and data application between Asian countries. Asia Open Data Portal was initiated by Organization for Data-driven Application (Taiwan) in 2017, modeled on the EU Open Data Portal, and officially approved by the AODP member states in 2019. Its goal is to bolster Asia’s industrial development across all sectors and emerging technologies, such as AI and IoT.


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