Guiyang Is Applying Big Data to Social Governance Modernization

Published : Friday, May 14, 2021, 9:11 pm
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GUIZHOU, China, May 14, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Guiyang, a previously underdeveloped city in Southwest China, has gained remarkable achievements in recent years. In addition to poverty alleviation, Guiyang has also been known for the assimilation of big data and won the name of China's Big Data Valley.

In order to understand how Guiyang takes advantage of data-driven solutions, the journalist at went to Guiyang and interviewed several stakeholders.

"Guiyang has benefited from big data to a significant extent," In Guizhou Big Data Exhibition Center, the staff showed how Guiyang promotes the intersection of data-driven solutions and rural rejuvenation, industrial development, social governance, etc.

In terms of social governance, Guiyang actively utilizes big data to enhance the management, service, decision-making capacity. The local government has launched Traffic Cloud, Police Cloud and other applications. "With the continuous modernization of government, the public well-being has greatly boosted," the staff told

In order to understand how Guiyang integrates big data with social governance, the journalist at also visited Guiyang Fire-Rescue Department Block Data Center and communicated with firefighters.

"We need a high volume of printed material to formulate a rescue plan in the past, but we can currently finish relevant work from the One Picture Big Data Platform. Thanks to the data-based solution, we monitor the community in real time and spot fire hazards in advance," Ding Xiang, political committee member of the Guiyang Fire-Rescue Department said.

According to him, when a fire disaster arises, in addition to reporting by calling, the local citizens can also utilize WeChat one-click alarm. "When calling us, some people may fail to describe the situation due to tension or dialects. By comparison, through WeChat one-click alarm, it is possible for us to grasp the situation more efficiently," Ding added.

In March 2020, Guiyang launched the Digital Smart Guiyang WeChat One-click Alarm Platform. After a person logs in, the Fire-Rescue Department can automatically obtain the relevant information of the user. What the user needs to do is filling in the information required and uploading a scene photo.

After receiving the WeChat alarm, the firefighters can grasp all the necessary data of the fire hazard such as location, nearby population and buildings in the data center. Ding told "Through this data platform, the commander will plan the best route. More importantly, we can accurately organize rescue team, save time and avoid waste of resources."

It notes that the Fire-Rescue Department also monitors the firefighters' physical health condition in real time based on the sensors. When a firefighter stays in the same place or falls, the commander will take measures in time to ensure his safety.

"Thanks to big data, the Fire-Rescue Department significantly enhances fire prevention and management capacity. It seems that we just save two minutes, but this period means a lot to firefighting," a commander of Guiyang Fire-Rescue Department, Nie Sheng told

According to the municipal government, Guiyang will continue to promote the integration of big data and fire control, fully modernize the social governance.

By April 2020, Guiyang Smart Fire Control Data Platform has built a comprehensive perception system involving data of 259 high-rise buildings and 776 units. Due to the data-based solution, the Fire-Rescue Department has avoided more than 2,000 potential safety hazards by timely warning.

Taking the local Huaguoyuan Community as an example, this community has applied the big data platform for two years. The number of fire disasters ensuingly fell by 19.8% year-on-year, and direct property losses fell by 30% year-on-year.

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