Toray to Launch Toraysee Bento Box Pre-Washing Cloths that Make Lunch Box Care Immensely Easier

Published : Wednesday, May 26, 2021, 10:49 am
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Toray Industries, Inc., announced today that it will launch the Toraysee™ Bento Box Pre-Washing Cloth exclusively in Japan in mid-May. This 7.5cm x 10cm item will retail at ¥200, including tax. The ultra-fine fibers of this cloth easily remove stuck-on rice and grease from these Japanese lunch boxes when pre-washing under tap water. This item will be available at supermarkets and drugstores and through online and Toray shops around the nation.

The cloth will benefit a growing number of people refraining from dining out in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, preparing lunches themselves to consume at work and other places.

An immediate issue is that taking dirty lunch boxes home makes them harder to clean. They often need washing twice. In warmer seasons, odors and bacteria from food scraps are also concerns.

Toray accordingly developed the concept of pre-washing lunch boxes right after eating and applied it to Toraysee. That brand that debuted in 1987 to offer advanced cleaning performance for eyewear and now covers numerous popular products.

Use this small reusable cloth to pre-wash a lunch box while at work or out and about to so it is much easier to clean when getting home. Then wring the cloth to dry quickly. It is easy to store.

Toray seeks 25 people in Japan to serve as ambassadors for the Toraysee Temporary Bento Box Cleaning Cloth (see the following page for details).

[Product features]

1. Easily pre-wash a lunch box at work or when out and about and a sponge and detergent are unavailable
The cloth draws on Toray’s polymer chemical technology. The fibers are around 2 microns in diameter, for a cross-section that is about 1/1,600th that of a human hair. This item easily removes stuck-on rice and other food residues and stubborn oil stains from plastics for simple rinsing with water. The cloth also dries fast and requires little storage space.

• Makes washing lunch boxes far easier after getting home
• Greatly reduces dishwashing detergent consumption
• Lunch boxes pre-washed with Toraysee can go straight into a dishwasher

2. The cloth incorporates MAKSPEK, a proprietary fiber that keeps items safe and clean by inhibiting the growth of escherichia coli, staphylococcus aureus and, pneumoniae bacteria.

3. The Biomedical Science Association, a Japanese nonprofit organization, conducted a study that revealed that lunch boxes pre-washed with this cloth had 99% less bacteria contamination than those left untouched after meals and simply brought home.
A Toray survey found that 88% of respondents using the cloths said that they did not particularly notice odors from lunch boxes after bringing them home.

Seeking Toraysee Bento Box Pre-Washing Cloth ambassadors!
We are looking for around 25 people to serve as Toraysee Bento Box Pre-Washing Cloth ambassadors. These people will use this cloth and post photos and videos of it on their social media accounts. On completing this task, all ambassadors will receive a Toraysee household cleaning cloth, with one being selected by lottery to receive an 18cm Geo Product saucepan, whose lid creates a vapor seal for waterless cooking that saves time and energy while maintaining nutrition and taste.

Use the website below for application details.

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