Toray Launches Torayvino Branch as Japan’s First Water Purification System Usable with Your Choice of Faucet

Published : Thursday, June 3, 2021, 5:16 pm
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Toray Industries, Inc., will start selling the Torayvino® Branch household water purifier exclusively in Japan today. The company debuted the Torayvino brand in 1986 when it brought out a countertop water purifier employing hollow fiber membrane filters. The Torayvino Branch is Japan’s first water purification system to allow switching between tap and purified water by simply lifting a faucet lever.

To date, consumers have faced limitations in choosing faucets for under-sink water purifiers or faucets with built-in purifiers. They can install the Torayvino Branch under sinks to work with innumerable faucet designs, features, and brands. They can use their existing faucets or foreign-branded ones. Since the Torayvino Branch is installed under the sink, it does not spoil the design of the entire kitchen.

This product adopts the SKC88.X cartridge, whose water purification capacity, cost, and size match most contemporary lifestyle needs. While compact, this cartridge is an industry leader. It can remove 17 impurities of JIS, has a fast flow rate, and can purify 4,000 liters of water. It is priced at ¥9,130, including tax. It is designed for annual replacement, for a monthly running cost of about ¥700.

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