Unreal Summit 2017 Tim Sweeney Keynote Speech

Published : Monday, April 24, 2017, 4:04 am
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Epic Games Korea held 'Unreal Summit 2017', a technology related event, at COEX Grand Ballroom located in Gangnam-gu, Seoul on the April 22nd.

For the first order of 'Unreal Summit 2017,' Keynote speeches were given by Tim Sweeney of Epic Games and Katsuhiro Harada, a leader and lead producer of Bandai Namco Games' Tekken project.

Tim Sweeney, who went on the stage as a first speaker, started the keynote speech by saying, "Korea is leading the high-end mobile game market using Unreal Engine." And, "The great achievement of 'Lineage 2 Revolution' proved it, and like 'Blade 2,' we are looking forward to a better game to be presented by Unreal Engine."

▲ Tim Sweeney came on the stage as a first keynote speaker.

Sweeney first stated that Epic Games is currently focusing on high-end techs such as photorealism and digital human, and its new games such as 'Robo Recall' or 'Paragon' are providing more enhanced game experience to users.

Next, he introduced that Epic Games is supporting Open API and new devices, as development in PC market is expected to develop with the activation of 4K monitors and the emergence of new devices, and the support of Open APIs such as Vulcan and Open XR would bring more developments. Moreover, in video games, 'Nintendo Switch,' Nintendo's new gaming console, officially supports Unreal Engine 4, so the engine is being used in games like 'Snake Pass' and it will be able to experience the power of Unreal Engine 4 in more games.

In nongame fields, Unreal Engine has been widely used for many years, and the cases such as NASA's VR training program as well as advertisements using real-time MR technique, real-time rendering of movie characters, education, architecture, car design, animation are mentioned.

▲ 'Robo Recall' is a VR game with high immersion by Oculus Touch.

▲ More than ten million people are enjoying 'Paragon'.

▲ 'Nintendo Switch' is officially supporting Unreal Engine 4.

▲ Epic Games supports a number of Open APIs.

He also stated that VR is yet in the beginning step compared to PCs or smartphones, but as the games with new concepts that could secure profitability seem to appear in the next few years, it is recommended to prepare for the future. In addition, it would be ultimately concluded to AR so that realistic graphics created from PC will be merged with reality, and a technology called 'Light Field,' presented in HoloLens, will show images created from PC on reality regardless of deepness or distance. Epic Games is cooperating with many companies to prepare for this.

At the end of the lecture, Sweeney said, "Unreal Engine is making a lot of efforts to provide a new experience by improving the quality of digital humans, and we expect Korean developers to show us staying ahead of VR and AR."

▲ The application range of Unreal Engine is getting wider even in nongame fields.

▲ The situation in which it is not necessary to produce an actual sample will be gradually made.

▲ Unreal Engine was used in automobile advertisement using MR technique.

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