Ruth Finnegan Releases Her Audio Fiction Book, Heaven’s Rocker

Published : Wednesday, June 30, 2021, 8:51 pm
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Irish-British author, professor, and linguistic anthropologist, Ruth Finnegan, has released her fiction book, Heaven’s Rocker. It is an intensely moving tale of love and sacrifice with an unexpected twist.

“Heaven’s Rocker is one of the first fiction books that I wrote, a series of linked novellas,” says Ruth Finnegan about her recent release. “Having all my life up to then been an academic writer and having no intention of ever doing such a thing as getting into creative writing, I was really surprised, as it was not my thing at all. But then they just arrived, readymade as it were, in dreams (like all my fiction poetry and screenplays) and I just somehow had no choice but to write them down.”

According to the author, the books are published in paperback but she believes they work better as audiobooks.

Dr. Ruth Finnegan has named the sequence ‘The Little Angel Series’. The book revolves around a little angel who is awarded his Diploma in the Great Hall of Heaven. This happens around the same time when the Universe is being created.

The qualified but nervous Angel is soon sent out on a mission that involves traveling through the scary space. He has to leave his adorable little sister behind while he observes and reports on various happenings on Earth. As he moves through this experience, he becomes wiser and more confident. He comes back to heaven in time for Heaven’s Rocker.

Heaven’s Rocker is the most recent volume in the Ruth Finnegan’s Little Angel romance series. It is also a prequel to the stunning ‘The Lady and the Dragon’.

Ruth Finnegan is planning to produce and publish the whole series of these books as audiobooks in the near future. Ruth says she loves to tell her stories in audio format.

“Being engaged in audiobooks especially pleases me because it takes me back to my first (and ongoing) academic interest in oral or spoken literature.”

She feels good to be doing it now, and not just studying it.

According to the author, the book is quite short, a little mini-book. Dr. Ruth Finnegan likes it because it’s about love, and not the usual man-woman kind. It is the love of a brother for his little sister which the author believes is very real and very touching.

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