Grid Down Reality Bites - An End of The World Action Thriller

Published : Thursday, July 1, 2021, 10:35 am
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Bruce Hemming, the famous wilderness survival instructor, and a military veteran, has created this fictional account that creates an end of the world scenario caused by an Electro-Magnetic Pulse Bomb (EMP). Taking out the entire electrical grid, and pushes people into chaos wherein survival of the fittest is the only way to carry on.

“This survival epic is just what people have been waiting for as it traces the efforts of the three different groups trying to survive the collapse of America,” says the author. “The story is about three small groups of people trying to stay sane and survive in a world controlled by chaos. The remarkable feat of simply staying alive and free will grab your attention as they struggle desperately to survive in this unknown future.”

Just like the pandemic that the world is facing and battling right now, the EMP is a living fiction that could become a fact. The author traces and explores numerous situations that are not far from real life. In many ways, Grid Down Reality Bites is a survival blueprint peppered with an exciting storyline that keeps the readers gripped to the unraveling mysteries.

As people survive and move from one challenging adventure to another, the author builds up the suspense smartly and genuinely, making it tough for the readers to put the novel down.

According to the author, the story is a must-read for all those who potentially face an uncertain future. Grid Down Reality Bites offers several survival tips that can prove to be lifesavers for people. They will know how to recognize dangers and avoid them. In certain survival situations, these tips can mean the difference between surviving and not making it.

The author has his finger on every situation emerging from an end of the world scenario. He recommends the equipment people should have, and the skills they must learn to emerge victorious from such dangerous and challenging situations.

Grid Down Reality Bites has been attracting loads of wonderful reviews on Amazon. Here are a few of them:

“I’ve read a lot of the survivalist genre fiction and most of it is just awful. This was surprising; it is very well written and informative. Not the usual survivalist fare.” – Joe Bratcher.

“This is a brilliantly clever book and the way it’s written feels so real. Totally brilliant and well worth a read – highly recommend.” – Mrs. J. Sandland

“Fab book really enjoyed it. 3 main groups all trying their best to get through an event they never thought would happen.” – ShazzaG

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