Porsche Korea Opens the first ‘Porsche NOW’ Pop-up Store on Jeju Island

Published : Thursday, July 1, 2021, 10:37 am
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Porsche Korea (Holger Gerrmann, CEO of Porsche Korea Ltd.) announced the opening of its new sales format the 'Porsche NOW' pop-up store in Aewol-eup on Jeju Island on the 1st July.

’Porsche Now’, a temporary sales format, is a new brand space introduced for the first time in Korea where Porsche customers and fans can experience the brand, and where the brand shares Porsche concepts, values and themes tailored to the characteristics of each region. Starting with Jeju, with its focus on sustainability and pioneering e-mobility scene, Porsche Korea is planning to sequentially introduce 'Porsche NOW' pop-up stores in other major regions of Korea.

'Porsche NOW Jeju' with gross floor area of 449 m2 (136 pyeong) presents a space with an 'eco-friendly' concept, reflecting the environment-friendly regional characteristics using wood tones interior and plants. Porsche's representative sports car models such as the fully electric Taycan and the Cayenne E-Hybrid will be exhibited.

In particular, ‘Porsche NOW Jeju’ will showcase collaborations with various artists, providing a wide range of experiences to customers and Porsche enthusiasts. Starting with the exhibition of works by Doha Ham, a furniture artist who breathes life into everyday objects, Porsche will continue with further selected exhibitions and events.

Porsche Korea CEO Holger Gerrmann said, "We are very happy that the first Korean opening of the new brand space 'Porsche NOW’ is on Jeju with its beautiful nature, thriving cultural scene and multitude of experiences the Island has to offer.” Then he added, “We wanted to reflect this spirit at ‘Porsche NOW Jeju’ and hope that many Porsche customers and fans will be able to experience the Soul of the Porsche brand that reaches beyond the products through this location tailored and innovative concept.”

At 'Porsche NOW Jeju', Porsche will collaborate with the Jeju based premium tea brand, Osulloc, and offer Osulloc welcome drinks to visiting customers. Porsche will also provide possibilities of test drives on the ‘Porsche NOW Jeju – Jeju Osulloc tea museum’ route, and vouchers for customers who visit ‘Jeju Osulloc tea museum’. In addition, various events will be held during the pop-up store operation. In October, the Driving School, a safe driving class program for millennials, will be operated.

“Porsche NOW Jeju” is operated by Deutsch Auto Co Ltd. of Deutsch Motors, an authorized dealer partner of Porsche Korea, who supports customer service and provides consulting services, test drives, vehicle contracts, and vehicle deliveries.

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