A-Team of experts take on U.S. School Reopenings and Reducing Airborne Transmission in the wake of Delta

Published : Thursday, August 19, 2021, 3:52 pm
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On Saturday, Aug 14th, UC San Diego Distinguished Professor and aerosol scientist Dr. Kimberly Prather tweeted, “My question: Who is interested in a call to discuss concerns over US school reopenings and what we can do? I can help assemble an A-team to address questions.“ Her tweet set off a 4-day sprint to launch an event with leading scientists, physicians, and advocates emphasizing the message that airborne transmission is the primary way people get Covid-19. The event, for which 1500 people registered in 48 hours, will focus on ways to reduce Covid transmission in schools and communities, and effective strategies for concerned parents, teachers and community members to follow.

‘Delta Concerns of U.S. School Reopenings and Reducing Airborne Transmission” aims to answer the crucial question: is it safe for children to go back to school and how can concerned communities work to make it safer? The two hour discussion features talks by over 20 different experts including leading indoor air quality expert Dr. Richard Corsi and maternal and pediatric epidemiologist Dr. Theresa Chapple, as well as data engineer and advocate Dr. Jorge Caballero, whose analysis on Covid disparities has received international attention. The event will cover everything to do with airborne transmission, masks, ventilation, air filtration, parents’ rights, and organizing to influence school districts and states to create safer environments in schools and communities.

Joaquin Beltran, creator of Speak Up America, and co-organizer for the event says “Children deserve safe environments. Across the country, pediatric ICUs are overwhelmed and children are dying at higher rates than before, we need to act quickly and use every tool available like high-quality masks, ventilation, and air filtration, to keep schools and communities safe to prevent more children from getting sick, dying, or experiencing the debilitating persisting symptoms of long Covid.”

Dr. Kimberly Prather has been focused on spreading the message that Covid is airborne and believes that government agencies have to do a better job at communicating this message. “The meeting is all about empowering parents/teachers/students to fight for safe air… let’s save lives. The situation is out of control. CDC Director, we are doing your job to protect public health for you.”

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