Call for Entries: EPIcenter Summit to Feature Emerging Energy Tech in the Real World

Published : Tuesday, August 24, 2021, 10:44 am
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EPIcenter, a nonprofit that speeds innovation to make the production and consumption of energy smarter, cleaner, more resilient, and more efficient, is poised to host its annual Summit and is seeking applications for 10-minute storytelling presentations.

The 2021 Summit, “Emerging Energy Tech in the Real World,” will feature actual energy innovation projects that started with assumptions but encountered hard realities, the lessons learned through both successes and challenges, and how perspectives or strategies evolved as a result. EPIcenter is seeking applications from companies with hardware, software, business models, data platforms and other technologies to tell their stories.

EPIcenter’s Summit is a program of the organization’s Energy Think Tank. All think tank programs expose wider audiences to the innovation, evolution and implementation taking place in the energy industry. The Summit is designed for business leaders and savvy citizens looking for a way to leverage the future. For the first time, EPIcenter’s Summit will be presented over two sessions, October 18 and November 9, to allow for more engaging content and participation.

“Exploring new technologies is one thing, but actually putting them to work and learning from the process is another. We will look at all types of entrepreneurial advances in energy technologies, products, services and business models that will make our world a better place, EPIcenter CEO Kimberly Britton said.

“We want to present stories from real-world examples of what happens when advances are put into practice. We want to know if the expected benefits are ever realized and what can be learned from the pivots made along the way. We will also look at the pivots made by investors that have recently entered the clean tech arena. Seeing returns is not as quick or straight-forward as some other industries.”

The Summit sessions will feature speakers and entrepreneurs from across the country with diverse perspectives from their field of expertise. The call for entries will end on September 27 at 5 pm CT. Submissions are reviewed on an ongoing basis so early submission is encouraged.

To submit an entry or to learn more, please visit

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