Porsche Korea Unveils a New Cinematic Road Movie ‘Off the Grid’ Episode Starring Kim Hee-ae, Together with Studio Discovery

Published : Thursday, September 2, 2021, 10:27 am
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Porsche Korea (CEO Holger Gerrmann) announced the screening of the road movie, ‘Off the Grid’ featuring actress Kim Hee-ae and her solo journey on Jeju Island in the brand’s first ever electric sports car, the Taycan, on September 2nd in collaboration with Studio Discovery.

‘Off the Grid’ is a reality program that captures the freedom of travelling in solitude, and was designed to show Porsche as the brand for those who follow their 'dreams.' The first episode of ‘Off the Gird’, which received favorable reviews in May starring Kim Da-mi, embarks on its second journey with Kim Hee-ae and will heal viewers by taking them on her three day experience.

The ‘Off the Grid’ episode will be aired in two parts, starring Kim Hee-ae, an actress who shows strong presence with excellent acting skills. Together with the Taycan, Kim Hee-ae will escape from the everyday mundanity and reveal a healing journey enjoying the vast nature of Jeju Island. Through a sensuous video featuring the beautiful sceneries of Jeju Island against a backdrop of comforting narration by the actress Kim Hee-ae, the Taycan’s quality of everyday usability to Porsche's sustainable future mobility concept, Porsche’s design DNA, and the dynamic E-performance strategy, will be conveyed to the viewers.

Porsche Korea will sequentially introduce Porsche vehicles through the road trip format of the ‘Off the Grid’ series, with the concept of famous actors ‘travelling in solitude’ without any script nor advanced production plans. In particular, this collaboration is drawing attention as producer Seo Seung-han, who planned and directed the nation's one and only car variety program ‘Top Gear Korea,’ took charge.

CEO of Porsche Korea Holger Gerrmann stated, “I hope the ‘Off the Grid’ series gives the viewers the opportunity to enjoy the excitement of limitless traveling in a car and let them experience the Taycan's charm while driving across Jeju Island’s dense forest and beautiful coastal roads." He also added, “Porsche Korea will continue to release new innovative contents on various plat-forms, expanding opportunities for consumers to experience the brand and products.”

The cinematic road movie ‘Off the Grid’ will be broadcasted for the first time on the 2nd on Discovery Channel Korea and Sky Channel at 10:30 p.m. One week prior to the airing, it will be pre-released on KT seezn’s OTT platform ‘seezn’. Detailed information can be found on Discovery Channel, Sky TV, KT seezn’s website, and official SNS accounts.

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