R-PUR to represent France at the G20 Innovation League

Published : Sunday, October 10, 2021, 11:08 am
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French start-up R-PUR, a specialist in innovative masks integrating a patented Nano Filtration® system, has been selected by the G20 Innovation League to represent France in the “CleanTech” category. A Special Event hosted by the G20 Italian Presidency, the G20 Innovation League brings together the 100 most promising startups to leverage international investments and foster collaboration between public and private players in innovation. R-PUR will compete as one of the top 100 startups from G20 countries in the “CleanTech” category with its range of connected and highly breathable masks for urban areas. The event will take place on October 9 and 10, in Sorrento, Italy.

Mask-wearing is now part of everyday life for people in urban areas. Building on more than four years of research and development, R-PUR has developed a range of masks that are highly breathable and pleasant to wear over extended periods. Thanks to their high-performance patented filtering system, people in urban areas can now routinely benefit from purified air. What’s more, the free R-PUR app gives users access to real-time air quality data for their local area.

Flavien Hello, CEO R-PUR, says: “We are proud to represent France in the "CleanTech" category, and to present our vision of innovations for a better tomorrow to the world's top political and economic decision-makers. With our masks, we wanted to take the hassle out of wearing a mask while ensuring the best protection from airborne risks to everyone - whether they practice sport, cycle, walk, take public transport or use a scooter. At R-PUR, we wish to fully serve the needs of people in urban areas, and the G20 Innovation League is the perfect place to show it!”

[Leading-edge technology for an effective protection against pollution, viruses and much more]

Equipped with eight filtering layers, the R-PUR mask protects against fine particles, nanoparticles, pollen, bacteria, viruses, gases and even smells. Its patented Nano Filtration® technology benefits wearers with filtering quality ten times higher than the FFP3-mask standard. This is one of the world’s first technology to block nanoparticles up to twenty nanometres - two ten thousandths of a millimetre - in size. Therefore, the R-PUR mask is the world’s most effective against urban pollution.

[Green, smart and connected]

Unlike single-use surgical masks, this new mask is not disposable! Users can simply change the filter every six to twelve weeks depending on use. Connected via a free app available on iOS and Android, it delivers real-time air-quality and exposure data and tells the wearer when to replace their filter.

[R-PUR: a mask for every lifestyle]

● Available in preorder, FiiT® is the latest R-PUR mask. This comfortable fashion accessory offers effective protection against pollution, viruses etc and comes in four hundred personalized combinations. Contrary to the previous masks which focus on specific activities, FiiT® is suitable for everybody as part of routine urban activities. With FiiT®, wearers don’t need to compromise on style or comfort.

● The Nano Light range is dedicated to cyclists. This R-PUR mask is anti-fog, ultra-breathable and particularly suited to physical effort. Its Nano Light Reflective variant is especially designed for night-time cycling thanks to a reflective technology ensuring visibility to enhance the safety of cyclists, or even pedestrian wearers. The Nano Light Ceramic is a rugged variant, with an anti-abrasion, technical coating with ceramic beads that protects the wearer’s face from grazing in the event of a fall.

● The Nano Sport range is an ultra-light mask with a special filter that makes breathing ultra-easy and a new, all-purpose fastening system convenient for any type of sport.

The FiiT® masks are available on R-PUR’s website and soon on Amazon, at a starting price of 99 euros.

here The G20 Innovation League gathers the top 100 start-ups from G20 Countries for a unique competition. During two days, Venture Capitalists and large international companies will select ten start-ups with the most innovative ideas to tackle global challenges and build a more inclusive and sustainable future. Networking events will also give the opportunities to create new contacts for the start-ups and schedule B2B meeting with investors and companies. The G20 Innovation League is promoted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, the Ministry of Technological Innovation and Digital Transition and the Ministry of Economic Development, organized with by the Italian Trade Agency, CDP Venture Capital Sgr and Simest. The event will be held on 9th and 10th October in Sorrento.

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