Graphisoft global recruitment survey reveals BIM knowledge is most sought-after skill

Published : Friday, October 29, 2021, 10:53 am
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Graphisoft, the leading Building Information Modeling (BIM) software solution provider for architecture, today announced the results of its ‘Hiring the next generation of architects’ global recruitment survey* — the first of its kind in the AEC industry. The survey attracted more than 1,100 responses and focused on the skills and mindset needed in today’s digitalized architectural job market.

- Balanced skills make ideal candidates

According to 39% of employers who responded to the survey, current job candidates lack a good balance of three skill areas that make up the BIM mindset: digital mindset/software skills, engineering mindset/technical skills, and artistic mindset/creativity. Graphisoft’s global recruitment survey is an important first step in filling the gap between employer expectations and how architects are currently educated. The survey targeted practices across the spectrum with small (60%), medium (18%), and large (22%) firms responding from around the world.

- BIM software knowledge + BIM mindset are key

“To help firms find great talent, we asked employers what the main roadblocks are when recruiting recent architecture school graduates,” said Szabolcs Miko, Manager, Global Education at Graphisoft. “49% of respondents said that job candidates lack proficiency in BIM, while 39% said that recruits don’t even have a BIM mindset.”

66% of respondents responsible for hiring new recruits said that BIM knowledge is the most important requirement, with a BIM mindset a close second at 59%.

The survey showed that employers support acquiring BIM software skills through on-the-job training (69%), internal training (53%), and external, third-party training (40%).

“The survey shows just how important BIM is in educating the architects of the future,” said Huw Roberts, Graphisoft CEO. “Graphisoft is committed to closing the gap in architecture education by offering Archicad free to students, giving them the tools they need to successfully compete on the job market.”

- Referrals, universities, and social media are top recruitment channels

The most effective channels to recruit recent graduates and young professionals are first and foremost referrals (55%), university networks (44%), social media (40%), and job boards (27%).

Architecture and design students, teachers, and schools can get fully functional education versions of Archicad free of charge. Visit to register and download Archicad today. Students are also encouraged to visit Graphisoft Learn and Graphisoft Community, which are outstanding sources of free information and support.

*Survey period: August 20, 2021 – September 6, 2021
*Sample size: 1100
* Methodology: quantitative large sample survey

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