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Published : Wednesday, November 3, 2021, 11:39 am
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Coca-Cola, Mastercard, Accenture, Diageo, Fonterra, Fine Hygienic Holding lead best practices sharing on leadership, diversity & inclusion and success.

2021 Break the ceiling touch the sky® 101 Male Champions for Gender Equality announced.

SINGAPORE, Nov. 3, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- "Keep learning, be the CEO of your life and career, have a voice at the table not just a seat at the table"  were some of the pieces of advice offered by senior leaders across industries at House of Rose Professional (HORP) Pte Ltd's recent 2021 World Edition of Break the ceiling touch the sky® - the success and leadership summit for women. The summit was a day of best practice sharing on leadership, diversity & inclusion and success from the world's most successful Organizations as conclusion of the 2021 World Tour of Break the ceiling touch the sky®. This included an update on HORP's  MISSION 2029 FOR A BETTER WORLD - the 10 year global initiative to shape a better world through better diversity & inclusion, better leadership and better business and the announcement of the 2021 Break the ceiling touch the sky 101 Male Champions for gender equality.  

Commented Julie Hamilton, Chief Commercial Officer, Diageo Plc, "Always keep learning. Stay curious. Find ways to expand your portfolio of capability. Do what you love. Surround yourself with people who complement you. You don't always have to go up. Sometimes sideways is good. You can never break the ceiling if you don't raise your hand."

Shared Dali Sanghera, Managing Director – Growth Markets/Asia Middle East Africa, "Be the CEO of your life and take control of your career. Understand who you are as a person. IQ gets you the job, EQ gets you promoted. It's the journey, not necessarily the destination that matters. Confidence starts with a sense of belonging. To lead is to serve. Know your own strengths."

"Step Up. Don't be afraid to try new things. Don't be afraid to raise your hand," shared Marcela Esquivel, Vice President of HR, ASEAN and South Pacific, The Coca-Cola Company.

"Resilience is in our DNA. Change the narrative. Work to have not just a seat at the table but also have a voice at the table," shared Rama SridharExecutive Vice President, Digital & Emerging Partnerships and New Payment Flows, Asia Pacific, Mastercard.

"Build an award-winning support network. Do not work harder - work smarter," emphasized Susanne Arfelt Rajamand, Managing Director at Fonterra South East Asia.

"Own your style of leadership. Understand how you can help and affect people around you," shared Noeleen Kelly, General Manager UAE and Lower Gulf, Global Ecommerce at Fine Hygienic Holding.

Speaking about collaboration, Victor Mills, Chief Executive, Singapore International Chamber of Commerce commented, "Nobody can do everything themselves. The earlier you can get alignment of purpose the better. Encourage businesses to collaborate and grow. Leadership is not about you it's about the team."

The day also featured the announcement of the 2021 Break the ceiling touch the sky® 101 Male Champions for gender equality, yet another enabler to achieve Mission 2029 for a Better World.  The list  was arrived at after reviewing over 6000 C-suite executives from over 700 Companies globally.  

MISSION 2029 FOR A BETTER WORLD (announced by HORP in mid 2020) has the ambitious goal to quintuple the number of Female CEOs (14 in 2020 to 70 in 2029) and double the number of Male CEOs (who actively advocate for diversity & inclusion) in the world's 500 largest companies by 2029. 

Commented Anthony A. Rose, Chairman and CEO, House of Rose Professional Pte. Ltd and best-selling author of "Break the ceiling touch the sky: success secrets of the world's most inspirational women": "Research shows that gender diverse Companies are financially more successful, more attractive as employers and to customers, gender diverse teams perform better than non-gender diverse teams and that gender diversity helps compliance, positive reputation and leadership decision making. Gender diversity & inclusion at the C-Suite is therefore business-critical now more than ever before. Organizations interested in accelerating their gender equality and  shaping a better world can do so easily via MISSION 2029 FOR A BETTER WORLD. Please reach out to us at the contact shared below."   

Since 2014 House of Rose Professional has enabled over 25000 women leaders  (and several thousand male leaders who support diversity & inclusion) from over 300 international companies to greater success via its unique services in the areas of Training (Break the ceiling touch the sky® - the success and leadership summit for women), Talent (Dream Job International® - the executive search vertical) and Transformation (CEOSmith® - the reputation and business advisory services for the C-Suite).  

Companies that wish to accelerate their own gender diversity & inclusion at the C-Suite while contributing to a better world  can register at or get in touch at the details mentioned below. Plans for the 2022 World tour of Break the ceiling touch the sky® - the success and leadership summit will be announced shortly.

Anthony A. Rose at

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