Porsche Korea Unveils its Public Art and Sustainable Mobility Project ‘Porsche Dream Art Ttareungi’

Published : Monday, November 15, 2021, 2:38 pm
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Porsche Korea (Holger Gerrmann, CEO of Porsche Korea Ltd.) unveiled the design of the public art project, ‘Porsche Dream Art Ttareungi’, on 365 Seoul City bikes 'Ttareungi', to the public on November 15th, 2021.

365 units of the ‘Porsche Dream Art Ttareungi’, symbolically offer the possibility to ride daily one art-bike over 1 year or 365 days. They can be easily accessed by Seoul citizens and visitors through the same process as the existing ‘Ttareungi’ service.

This project, which was organised by Porsche Korea and the Seoul Foundation for Arts and Cul-ture (Changgi Lee, CEO) under the Seoul Metropolitan Government, is a public art project con-ducted through an open art and design contest. It was initiated to provide opportunities for citi-zens to enjoy art in their daily lives, and to contribute to the development of an eco-friendly art city by promoting the use of public bicycles in Seoul.

At the ceremony of the ‘Porsche Dream Art Ttareungi’ at Cheonggye Plaza, CEO of Porsche Ko-rea Holger Gerrmann, Chairman of the board of Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture Sangwon Park, CEO of Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture Changgi Lee, Seoul City Ambassador Daniel Lindemann, and the winner of the design contest, Kippeum Park, attended and rode the ‘Art Ttareungi’ bicycles.

CEO of Porsche Korea Holger Gerrmann stated, “We are delighted to introduce ‘Porsche Dream Art Ttareungi’ as an eco-friendly public artwork by adding artistic imagination to the existing ‘Ttareungi’ bicycles.” He also added, “Porsche is inspired by the dream of the perfect sports car and with the ‘Dream Art Ttareungi’ project, we want to inspire Seoul citizens in their daily lives regardless of whether they are leisurely moving through the beautiful Seoul city or travelling the last mile.”

‘Moa Moa’ by Kippeum Park, selected as the winner of the ‘Art Ttareungi’ contest, is a design inspired by ‘jogakbo’, a patchwork of colourful pieces of cloth, emphasizing Korea’s unique tra-ditional crafts and symbolising that ‘small forces can gather to exert great strength’. During the design process, the work was completed with advice from domestic and foreign experts, in-cluding Roland Heiler, chief executive officer and chief designer of the Porsche Design Studio.

Kippeum Park stated, "It is an honour to have the pattern I personally designed directly reflected in 'Ttareungi', a public bicycle that everyone enjoys." She also added, "Focusing on the value of ‘Ttareungi’ as the bicycle representing Seoul, I tried my best to capture the traditional beauty of Korea and portray it onto the design."

Meanwhile, Porsche Korea provided a total of 300 million KRW in donations through the 'Dream Art Ttareungi' public art project. In addition, the company has donated 200 million KRW through the ‘Porsche Do Dream Fill the Space’, which supports the continuous creative activities of performing arts organizations and artists directly affected by COVID-19. Porsche Korea plans to continue its support in various ways to help create a sustainable environment for the culture and art.

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