UVCeed Introduces World’s Safest and Smartest Mobile UV Light Sanitizer

Published : Wednesday, January 5, 2022, 10:00 am
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Created by renowned surgeon, inventor and entrepreneur, Dr Peter Bonutti, M.D., UVCeed can be used at home, work or on-the-go and is up to 99.9 percent effective at killing germs, bacteria and viruses, including COVID-19

LAS VEGAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--UVCeed today introduced the world’s safest and smartest mobile UV light sanitizer that is up to 99.9 percent effective at killing germs, bacteria and viruses, including COVID-19 in seconds. UVCeed attaches to any smartphone and combines a powerful mercury-free LED UV light rays and multiple sensors, its proprietary iCide smart dosage and safety technology, and an intuitive app that puts the power of safety into users’ hands and gives them the visibility and confidence to protect themselves in real time—anytime, anywhere. UVCeed will be unveiled at ShowStoppers at CES 2022 on January 5, 2022 from 6-10 p.m. at Wynn Hotel Las Vegas.

UVCeed was created by Dr. Peter Bonutti, M.D., a renowned and award-winning surgeon, inventor, author, professor, consultant, and entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience. He is the founder of Bonutti Research, a medical device incubator that has developed products and technology used around the world. Dr. Bonutti created the smart UVC disinfection system to help limit the spread of infections, particularly COVID-19.

“You can’t predict when you’re going to need to disinfect,” said Dr. Peter Bonutti, M.D., co-founder & CEO, UVCeed. “UVCeed is a mobile portable system that can be ubiquitous and used everywhere to disinfect or sterilize. It is a non-chemical treatment for surfaces, food, air, or PPE that allows users and their families to feel secure in an environment that is full of pathogens. This is the future of combating germs, bacteria and viruses and especially at large venues such as CES.”

UVC is a well-known, safe method of killing pathogens without the use of harmful chemicals, and has been shown to effectively kill Coronavirus. UVCeed is the first artificial intelligence-powered UVC disinfectant system with a camera/app-based protection feature that is optimized for safety and simplicity. Unlike existing solutions users can actually see what is being disinfected and receive confirmation when the object or surface is 99.9 percent safe. Regardless of vaccination status or mask use, UVCeed offers an additional layer of protection that is smart, safe, powerful, and easy to use whether at home, work, school or travel. It ultimately takes the guesswork out of sanitizing, building confidence and peace of mind. No other UV light device does this.


iCide Smart Dosage delivers the precise amount of energy, taking into consideration field and distance to calculate the correct dose. UVCeed does not under-treat, which can lead to a false sense of security and increased risk of infection, or over-treat, which causes damage to polymers, tissue, pain, discoloration, and can weaken certain materials. Additionally, UVCeed’s built-in object recognition knows if a surface was already recently sanitized.


iCide Safety features a state-of-the-art, machine learning-based algorithm to reduce accidental exposure and misuse. Leveraging the phone’s camera and time-of-flight sensor, UVCeed pauses its scan when motion or life is detected, so there’s no danger of being harmed by UV rays. With UVCeed, people, pets and vulnerable objects are never exposed to UV-C radiation.


Ultraviolet Radiation-Based Sterilization – UVCeed uses best-in-class UV-C technology which is effective against bacteria and SARS-Coronavirus. It leverages the germicidal power of 275nm UV-C light from mercury-free LED to sanitize any surface in just seconds.

Fast and Efficient – A quick reduction of 90 percent can be achieved in just a few seconds. 99.9 percent reduction can be on the order of 30-60 seconds depending on the distance and size of the object.


Intuitive Interface – The simple-to-use UVCeed interface calculates and displays the estimated disinfection level in real time. Color coding on screen shows users how sanitized surfaces are in real time, as well as an estimated percentage reduction by type of germ.

iOS and Android Compatible – UVCeed works with all iOS and android phones (with BLE Connection) using adhesive plate or magnetic attachment (included). UVCeed also works with the latest MagSafe connector from Apple, allowing for elegant and simple attachment to the iPhone 12 and beyond.

Rechargeable Battery – Powerful high-capacity rechargeable battery with standard USB-C (included) allows for frictionless recharging and multiple days of use without recharging.

UVCeed retails for $129.95 and is available for purchase at

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About UVCeed

UVCeed is the first personal AI-powered mobile UVC disinfectant platform for work, home, school, or travel. It is designed by Bonutti Research, a medical device incubator with a 30+ year history of innovation, over 400 patents and applications, and 700 licenses. As a practicing surgeon, Dr. Peter Bonutti understands the importance of infection control and developed UVCeed to create a convenient device for personal use that is safe and effective. UVCeed’s patented technology leverages machine learning and computer vision to ensure safe usages and proper amount of energy is used to achieve the desired level of disinfection. For more information, visit http//


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