Take a Walk on the Wild Side: Become a Better Leader by Following Nature’s Example

Published : Thursday, January 6, 2022, 1:52 pm
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Nature is the perfect teacher for the challenging and very personal concept of leadership. And no one knows this better than former zoo and aquarium senior leader turned leadership consultant Julie C. Henry. In Wisdom from the Wild: The Nine Unbreakable Laws of Leadership from the Animal Kingdom (Greenleaf Book Group, Jan 4, 2022), Henry shows you—whether you’re a new or experienced leader—how to learn from and be inspired by the wildlife and wild places all around you. This fun, new approach to leadership presents nine “Unbreakable Laws” from the animal kingdom. These true, fundamental guidelines with concrete examples from wildlife can steer your work and decisions as a leader.

“This book has been twenty-five years in the making,” Henry said. “It’s a collection of the experiences, the memories, and the moments that I hope will challenge, inspire, and motivate you to continue growing as leaders…Nature is always teaching us, if we have the presence of mind to listen. I learned early in my career that deep down inside, people understand this—which is why they always want to hear ‘one more story’ about wildlife and wild places and the lessons they can teach us as leaders.”

Creatures that might seem unusual or even unexpected in a book about leadership—such as naked mole rats, spiders, and even sea cucumbers—will teach you how to:

Deal with change
More effectively lead teams
Build your resilience muscle as a leader

“Julie Henry’s love of animals and the examples they provide for the human experience shine through in this engaging tutorial in leadership training,” said Dr. Bob Hueter, PhD, of Mote Marine Laboratory and OCEARCH. “Julie bares her soul and shows us how all our challenges, as humans living in an artificial world of our own making, can be met if we just draw from the beautifully evolved world of Mother Nature.”

“There has never been a better time to follow Julie on a journey through the wild to change the way you view the world,” said Cathy Chambers, a senior corporate leader, echoing Hueter’s praise. “Julie’s advice and insights show leaders how to re-connect with nature to inspire employees and drive innovation in the workplace. Julie’s passion for unusual creatures and vibrant outdoor spaces is embedded in her DNA, and these leadership lessons are an absolute gift to be treasured and shared as you hike through life’s challenges and opportunities.”

Reinforcing these essential lessons from the wild, Henry presents a myriad of business case studies and immediately actionable tools to strengthen your leadership skills. So join this extraordinary dive into the natural world as you’ve never seen it before, as you uncover your leadership prowess among the animals.

Pick up a copy of Wisdom from the Wild and learn more about how Julie can bring value to your organization as a speaker and consultant by visiting

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