Taiwanese Businesses Achieves Growth Through Digitalization

Published : Monday, January 10, 2022, 4:10 pm
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Golden Bull Award recognizes Taiwanese SMEs resilience

TAIPEI, Jan. 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- When the global health crisis struck, the Taiwanese government made swift and decisive actions to curb and contain the situation and this has led to the Taiwanese economy to remain stable. SMEs have reported that even with the movement restrictions, they are able to sustain as they have adopted some elements of digital technology within their business.

Taiwanese SMEs have reaped the benefits as the marketplace shifted to the digital space as they have already established digital stores and online payment gateways, easily meeting the demands of the new market. Social media has became the primary method used to communicate with existing customers and promote their business to potential customers.

This year, among the 183 companies nominated, 15 were selected as winners. They have shown that forward-thinking, adaptability, and resilience are key factors in sustain and even achieve growth during the pandemic. These Taiwanese SMEs successfully adapted and evolved their business model and strategies to meet the demands of the surging new market.

Datuk William Ng, organising chairman of the Golden Bull Award, said, "The common traits of these successful SMEs, who thrived despite the pandemic, are that they have a strong business foundation and were quick to adapt to the adverse situation."

This year marks the second year in Taiwan for the Golden Bull Awards. A total of 3 different categories were open for competition, including Emerging SMEs, Outstanding SMEs, and the coveted Super Golden Bull Award, categorized respectively according to annual turnover.

"The Golden Bull Award symbolizes 'Strength and Growth'. This year, it also represents resilience, and the idea that we must not give up, no matter how tough the road ahead will be," said Ng.

"This year marks an important milestone as its the 20th anniversary for Mikobeaute International. We will continue to develop high quality products while maintaining a stable and sustainable operations. Upholding the highest quality of the brand fulfils the company's philosophy, 'Being the top Chinese beauty care group', and we will strive to make Taiwan's beauty care brands shine on the international stage," said Sam Lu, chairman, Mikobeaute International Co., Ltd.

Eastgold Co., Ltd. is the supporting partner for the 2021 Taiwan Golden Bull Award while AFM is the media partner.

The Golden Bull Award, the first award for SMEs in Malaysia, was first organised in 2003. The Award, organised by Business Media International, has since expanded into Mainland China, Taiwan, and Singapore. 


GEO Informatics Inc.
Golden Insurance Brokers Co., Ltd.
Mikobeaute International Co., Ltd.
Taiwan P-MORE Trading Co., Ltd.
Vetnostrum Animal Health Co., Ltd.
Vocal Middle Communications Consultants Inc.

Bai-Chung-Ren Foodstuff Co., Ltd.
Daily Gold Co., Ltd.
Herdsman Enterprises Co., Ltd.
HWC Roasters Food & Beverage Co., Ltd.
Jin Jialong Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Jini Baby International Co., Ltd.
NewGreen Tech Co., Ltd.
Shih Chuan Shih Mei International Co., Ltd.
YC Holdings Inc.

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